July 24, 2021

Heard County Special Olympics Basketball

Heard County High School Volunteers include (L-R)Katelyn Hull, Tyesha Cook, Caitlin Wiggins, Caitlin Hosey, Sierra Mills, Sierra White, Jonathan Hunt, Jodie Davis, and LaChristian Franklin (NP: Shawn Foster) .

The Heard County Special Olympics Local Indoor Winter Games Basketball Skills Competition was held Friday, January 13, 2012 from 9:30 am to noon.

It was hosted by the Heard County Recreation Department. A great time was had by all who attended the competition, including spectators, volunteers, and most of all the athletes.

Heard County High School Volunteers include Tyesha Cook, Jodie Davis, Shawn Foster, LaChristian Franklin, Caitlin Hosey, Katelyn Hull, Jonathan Hunt, Sierra Mills, Sierra White and Caitlin Wiggins.

Winners by Division

Masters – 22 yrs and over: 1st – Todd Hendricks and 2nd – Dennis Shaw.
Seniors – 16 to 21 years old: 1st – Amber Cribbs. 1st – Kady Patterson and 2nd Mikayla Dockery. 1st – Robert Gosdin. 1st – Buck Dunson. 1st – Joseph Davis and 2nd – Dustin Momman. Level A Athlete 1st – Coleby Johnson.

Juniors – 12 to 15 years old: 1st – Blake Timmons and 2nd – Tim Brown. 1st – Austin Noles and 2nd – Anthony Brand. 1st – Kayla Combs and 2nd – Shinese Turman.

Youth – 8 to 11 years old: 1st – Sabrina Hammett and 2nd – Chelsea Dickson and Nichole Anderson. 1st – Justin Barr and 2nd – Camren Gossett. 1st – Joseph Flores, 2nd – Tommy Combs and 3rd – Zachary Fletcher. 1st Level A athlete – Nigel Echols and 2nd Level A athlete – Richard Grizzard.


Robert Gosdin

Robert Gosdin is a high school athlete who will graduate this year. He has participated in Special Olympics since elementary school.

While in elementary school, he attended State Fall Games and earned a medal in softball skills.

He continues to be active in several other Special Olympics sports such as basketball, bowling, and track and field.

Robert received an award at opening ceremonies on Friday. He was also the grand marshal in our parade of athletes. (Courtesy of the Times~Journal)

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