August 4, 2021

Heard County to Build Two New Fire Stations

The Heard County Board of Commissioners are set to begin construction on two new fire stations. The new stations will be on Glenn Road in the Glenn Community and on Georgia Hwy 100 in the Cooksville Community. Both projects will replace existing older stations that were in need of replacing or renovations.

After studying the cost of renovation versus new construction, it was decided the most efficient and cost effective plan would be to construct new facilities that would meet not only today’s needs but those of the future. Both stations will be constructed using SPLOST funds and are hoped to be completed by this summer.

During construction the station located on Glenn Rd. will remain open and staffed, however the station on Georgia Hwy 100 will need to be vacated during the construction process.

Although changes in response times to the area are anticipated to be minimal, Heard County has agreements in place with Troup County to assist, by responding fire services from their station in Hogansville. With this in place we hope to keep any possible delays to a minimum.

The Heard County Fire Department would like to remind everyone that if you have an emergency you should call 911 first, rather than coming to the station. If units are not in the station due to other calls, this could cause further delay in you receiving emergency attention.

Heard County Fire & Emergency Services along with the Heard County Board of Commissioners would like to thank the citizens of Heard County for their continued support in providing the funding for projects such as these.

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