December 5, 2020

Heard County’s Estimated Cost for Special Election: $8K and Counting

(Franklin) — The expenses to Heard County associated with the recent special election for District 5 Commissioner appear to be in the range of about $8000.00 thus far with some legal fees still mounting according to open records obtained this week by the Heard Citizen.

The special election won last week by Joe Adams took place after District 5 incumbent Sandi Allen challenged the original results of the Republican primary in May. Judge William H. Ison ordered the special election after hearing arguments from both sides in Heard County superior court on July 14, 2014.

Open records were obtained from three different offices at the Heard County Courthouse including the Registrar’s Office, Probate Court, and the Commissioner’s Office.

The Heard County Voter Registrar Tonnie Adams reported that his office incurred expenses totaling $2357.54 for the election including fees primarily for working hours by registrar staff associated with the election.

Heard County Probate Judge Joseph Bledsoe reported an approximate cost in the amount of $2391.15 to the probate office including costs for ballots, poll workers, and public notices.

According to Heard County Commission Chairman Lee Boone, the costs associated with the legal fees for the county have not yet been fully determined with the current total being around $3000.00.

“The legal fees associated with the special election are approximately $3000.00 so far,” said Chairman Boone via email this week. “This amount reflects the legal costs only that we have received through July.”

Chairman Boone stated that he would report more about the final number once all the legal bills and attorney fees have been submitted to the county.

Surprisingly more voters turned out to vote in the District 5 Special Election than the original Republican Primary held in May.

The Heard Citizen researched this information after several requests from our readers. Stay tuned to for more information as it becomes available.

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