December 4, 2021

Heard High in Zambia

(Photos: Clint Robinson)

(Franklin, GA) — My name is Clint Robinson, I am the visual art teacher at Heard High School, I am also a father to a little girl with Down syndrome.

During the years of 2011 and 2012 I pursued a master’s degree in art education form the University of Florida. My degree culminated with a book titled “What down syndrome has to offer art education.”

It explored ways we can adapt and adjust lessons in simple ways to benefit and make students with disabilities more successful.

Recently I was contacted by a fellow father of a child with Down syndrome from Zambia. His name is Kifita Humphrey Kimbonyi.

He is the founding member of the Down syndrome foundation of Zambia. He is also an art teacher that specializes in sculpture. He has been pursuing ways to teach art to his son, during his research he came across my book.

He contacted me and asked for assistance in developing a way or program to teach art to children with special needs in Zambia. He states that there is a lack of formalized education for these children and he is working to correct that.

I am sharing my knowledge and experiences with him to develop an art program for special needs students in Zambia and the continent of Africa.

Above are a few pictures of my family as well as Mr. Kimbonyi and his children.


  1. This is awesome Clint! People helping people is great, although people(you) helping people in Zambia that is just Incredible! Well done Clint.

  2. So amazing, Clint!! Always full of surprises with the way you use your gifts 👍

  3. victor kimbonyi says

    Awesome works,brothers keepers.

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