December 5, 2020

Heard Native a Strong Contender in Writing Contest

Kimberly Lavoie Hinely, a graduate of Heard High School in 1988, read an e-mail a few months back about the MeeGenius Author Challenge 2011 and decided she would submit her own manuscript based on her own family’s life.

The 41-year old happily married stay at home mom has written articles for several years which have been published in local newspapers and in Baby Years magazine.

The manuscript called Baby Love was inspired by her three children, 10-year-old Sarah, 7-year-old Josephine, and a surprise 7-month-old baby boy named Branch.

The Author Challenge uses a virtual voting system and people are only allowed to vote one time for their favorite story.

Despite the long odds with such a long list of excellent entries, Baby Love has remained consistently in the top 10.

Possible prizes for Kimberly if she can continue to do well include a publishing contract, cash, and an entire library of  MeeGenius published books for her daughter’s elementary school, Atkinson Elementary located in Newnan, Ga.

Kimberly, who is also a graduate of Georgia Southern and West Georgia College, is hopeful that enough people will like her story to push her to the top. “I am humbled by the amount of people who have supported my story I am very grateful,” she stated.

If you would like to read and vote for Kimberly’s story, Baby Love, then visit the MeeGenius website today. The voting ends on December 18.

Kimberly, her husband Steve, daughter Sarah (right), daughter Josephine (front), and baby son Branch (photo Courtesy of Bob Shapiro Photography)


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