November 27, 2020

Heard singers perform for over 21,000 baseball fans (Video)

(Atlanta, GA) — Members of the Heard County Community Choir enjoyed the spotlight in the big city once again Tuesday night when they traveled to Turner Field to perform an encore version of the National Anthem in front of over 21,000 people before the Atlanta Braves battled the New York Mets in the second game of a day-night doubleheader.

The ensemble consisted primarily of Heard High students and recent graduates, led by former music and band directors Nancy Heard and Johnathan Greene. It was the second consecutive year that the group was invited by the Braves to kick off a game.

In addition to the choir members, a host of family and friends also made the trip to the game taking advantage of $7 seats offered by the team. “It was truly an amazing experience and I am so proud of everyone,” stated Nancy Heard who directed the Anthem and organized the trip.

Groups are required to do a preliminary version of the Anthem for team officials prior to the actual game performance and according to Mrs. Heard, the kids just  “nailed it.”

Heard hopes that this can become an annual tradition for years to come. Mother nature also provided an assist as the skies cleared for the game despite earlier forecasts of heavy rains.

Greene felt the experience from last year’s game resulted in a more polished performance. “I think we definitely sounded better than last year,” said Greene. “The kids were more comfortable in the surroundings this year and seemed to be less nervous.”

Over 30 singers participated including junior Bradley Barber who also sang last year. “It has been an awesome experience to come here twice and be able to sing and represent not only our chorus but also our school and our community. We sounded really good out there and I am so proud of everyone involved,” stated Barber.

Unfortunately, the choir did not bring much good luck to the home team as the Braves dropped the game for the second consecutive time, losing to the Mets 6-1. Former East Paulding County pitcher Zack Wheeler got the win for the Mets in his major league debut.

Although the Anthem wasn’t televised, Heard will be receiving a DVD copy from the team. Visit to see more exclusive photos from the game.


  1. Good Job Braves!!! Hope you do it again next year!!!

  2. Joann Paschal says

    they did a really good job ;so proud of all of them

  3. Robert Massey says

    An amazing performance! I’m proud to be from Heard County.

  4. Wylene Spearman says

    Awesome 🙂

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