November 27, 2020

Heard Water Authority evaluates possibility of importing devil water

Heard County Water Authority Director Jimmy Knight said this week that the county is participating in discussions with the City of Bowdon,GA about the potential for the future purchase of water from the Carroll County city but that negotiations are still ongoing.

“We are in the process of having discussions with the City of Bowdon but nothing is cast in stone at this time. We first have to figure out if we can make it work fiscally and we also need to do studies to determine the feasibility given our current water system infrastructure,” stated Knight in his office Wednesday afternoon.

Knight stated that the EPD (Environmental Protection Division) has placed tighter restrictions in recent years on the amount of water that can be pumped from Centralhatchee Creek creating a smaller supply source for the county.

According to a report this week by the Times-Georgian, Bowdon City Manager Jimmy Meigs stated during the regular monthly meeting with the Bowdon Mayor and City Council that an estimated $45,000 to $75000 increase in yearly revenues could come from the proposed water sales to Heard County.

Heard County has asked the City of Bowdon to share the expense of a $29,082 engineering study to make sure the county’s system is capable of carrying the water.

The Bowdon Council and Mayor said they would like to see a rough draft of the potential contract before deciding on the study.

Knight went on to say that although the current drought is severe that he anticipates the  supply will be sufficient for the time being with lower demands during the winter season. He also explained that costs to water customers should not be affected by the proposal.

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