June 23, 2021

Heard woman behind bars after multi-jurisdictional fraud investigation

A 31-year-old Heard County woman, Donna Marie Gaddy, is currently being held in the Heard County jail facing multiple fraud charges after an investigation involving four different counties led to her arrest.

Investigators from Heard, Troup, Meriwether, and Coweta counties were all part of the probe into Gaddy’s financial affairs.

Donna Marie Gaddy

In Heard County alone, Gaddy is charged with three counts of Financial Identity Fraud, two counts of Financial Transaction Card Theft, and two counts of Financial Transaction Card Fraud.

Sergeants Dan Boswell and Lisa Perry handled the investigation for the Heard Sheriff’s Department.

Boswell, the lead investigator in the case, said that he expects that many more charges will be filed against Gaddy as the investigation continues over a large area of West Georgia.

Gaddy allegedly stole mail and forged documents in several locations throughout the area.

A search warrant executed at her home at 53 Judy Court, a Hogansville address which is actually located within Heard County borders, revealed numerous pieces of evidence.

An unlikely scenario led to the initial search of the home. “We were already prepared to conduct a search warrant when we discovered that Meriwether County was also planning to execute an arrest warrant at the same location on the same day. We agreed to meet the Meriwether officials at Pop’s Grocery in Corinth in order to proceed to the residence together. When we arrived in Corinth, we discovered Troup County investigator Mike Caldwell was inside the store investigating yet another fraud attempt by Gaddy,” stated Boswell.

The search of the home uncovered evidence of identity theft in at least four counties including Coweta. Many more charges are expected to be filed as each individual address effected will be counted as a separate charge. At least 20 victims have been confirmed in Heard County.

A press release issued by the Troup County Sheriff’s Office today states that Gaddy is charged with two counts of Identity Fraud and two counts of First Degree Forgery in Troup County.

According to Boswell, it is a strong possibility there are other victims that may not even be aware they are victims yet.

If anyone feels they may have been victim of fraud in this case or any other they are asked to call Sergeant Dan Boswell with the Heard County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 675-3329.


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