November 30, 2020

HES Assistant Principal elected as new Randolph Co. Superintendent

Rance Kirby, assistant principal at Heard Elementary, defeated incumbent Paul Gay by a count of 2,185 to 1845 in Tuesday’s Alabama primary election to become the new superintendent of education in Randolph County, AL. Kirby ran on the Democratic ballot.

Three of the slogans that Kirby emphasized in his campaign were kids, community, and commitment. He promised to provide the kids of Randolph County greater opportunity and fair treatment.

He also promised to encourage and respect community input and involvement in the schools, and finally he pledged to donate a portion of his superintendent salary to help purchase needed classroom supplies and materials.

Kirby, employed in the Heard system since 2004, will assume his new duties in Randolph County on January 1, 2013.

Newly elected Randolph County School Superintendent Rance Kirby

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