September 25, 2021

High School Horror

(Written by: Anonymous)

Mistake, mistake, mistake. If my life was a dripping faucet, that’s the noise each water droplet would make as it crashed into the porcelain basin of the sink bottom.

The way I see it, high school is broken into four life phases that coincide with each year. Freshman year, you’re scared out of your mind and you wouldn’t dare step a toe out of line.

Sophomore year, you understand how things work and get a little too comfortable, so you start being a little reckless, and by the time summer rolls around, you’re a full blown rebel.

You think you’re the smartest teenager in the world and that there’s no way you could EVER get caught sneaking around. Unfortunately, you’re an idiot. You get in more trouble than you thought your parents were capable of dishing out.

So junior year, you’re on house arrest for the majority of the first semester and when you finally attain your long-awaited freedom, you keep a pretty low profile and lead a relatively boring social life to avoid being held captive in the dungeon that was once your home.

When senior year finally arrives after twelve long years of torture, you come down with a serious case of senioritis and are just ready to get the heck out of that high school. Did I follow this four step process, you ask? To a tee. Then I was sixteen, I had it going on, or so I thought.

As soon as my birthday came and went, I started believing in the dangerous mindset “you’re only sixteen once.”

Well hey, I was only sixteen once! So what did I do? I took care of about ten years’ worth of mistakes in a span of around seven months.

Drinking is, as we all know, illegal until you become twenty-one years of age, but I was only sixteen ONCE, so I drank like a fish. Smoking? Check. Sneaking out? Yep. Sex? Of course! But only with a guy that was way too old for me.

After all, I was only going to be sixteen for twelve precious months and I’d already wasted three on being a decent human being so I had to hurry and get to work on ruining my reputation.

Did it ever cross my mind that I was an active member of my church’s youth group or that my parents raised me with a strong set of morals and values? Nah. They wouldn’t understand. Guess what? I got caught.

After seeing my mother cry when she found out I lost my virginity at sixteen to a guy that I didn’t date and that was going back to college, I felt like that road kill on highway twenty-seven that’s been sitting on the asphalt for about a week.

All bloated with tire tracks on its head and innards hanging out with flies swarming around it trying to pick its bones clean. After hearing mom and dad express their disappointment, which was so much worse than anger, I didn’t really care if I was only sixteen once, I just wanted to be seventeen and end the hell that I had created.

I went from partying every night to going to sleep at eight just to have something to do. So here’s my advice, don’t do it. If you’re where I was and think that this is a load of bull, stop it.

It’s that simple. A million people told me that I was headed for trouble if I didn’t cut it out.

I didn’t believe them and you might not either, but for the sake of your reputation, pride, and heart, I hope you listen. My crazy summer left me without a cell phone (thank you Mom and Dad), heartbroken (because that cool older guy I mentioned earlier seemed to only be looking for one thing, and once he got it, he was gone), and disappointed.

I disappointed so many people that will never be able to look at me the same way again, and that kills me. I was the golden child of a small town, and with one summer, I ruined that sparkling reputation and traded it for one more like that of the girls I used to judge freely.

You don’t want that. I promise. So this year in school, make good decisions, be careful who you surround yourself with, and stay busy. Boredom leads to bad things.

Keep your morals at heart and stand up for what you believe in whether you’re standing alone or not. Don’t be another teenage sob story on “Sixteen and Pregnant.” After all, you’re only sixteen once.





  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I went through some of what you went through myself. I was so afraid of what my “friends” would think, that I stopped being myself for awhile. Then I realized that I didn’t like the person I had become. It’s a lot harder doing the right thing and being yourself….but the reward is so much better than anything you could imagine! Keep you head held high, Anonymous, you have a bright future ahead of you!

  2. Patricia Bailey says

    Anonymous if sharing your story helps even one person you have done a great thing. I for one think it will help more. : )

  3. Great inspirational story! Thank you for sharing:)

  4. Randy Bryan says

    looks like someone got caught, now I just wonder if you would be telling the same story if you had not got caught,,,, the one thing for sure about messing up is ,, if you do it long enough, or you are stupid with it,,, you will get caught… and getting caught is a good thing,,,, because the less stupid stuff you do,, the better.

  5. I know this doesn’t help much but….the frontal lobe of the adolescent brain (which controls judgement and the ability to reason) has not fully developed yet. It doesn’t fully develop until people hit their mid-20s. All teenagers do things they are not proud of. Some teenagers do minor things but remain pretty good kids, while others go slap out of their minds. It happens in the best of families too. The not yet fully developed brain isn’t an excuse but it helps people like you (and I) understand why we did the things we did.
    Also, doing drugs and/or drinking can had very adverse affects on the development of the frontal lobe. That’s why you see some people who have “never grown up”. It’s good you shared your story. I hope other teenagers will read it and take heed.
    P.S. I didn’t get caught doing half the things I did when I was growing up. I sat down and told my mother about all of it after I became an adult. The values she taught me were always in the back of my mind. I decided, for myself, to grow up and act like I had some sense!

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