July 23, 2021

Hogansville Man Dies Tragically

A 43-year-old Troup County man was killed last Monday in his own backyard at his home on Royal Avenue in Hogansville while he was attempting to change the oil in his Toyota Corolla.

His wife Tabatha was home when it happened. She was inside cooking.When she went outside to tell him supper was finished she noticed the car was down.

She thought maybe he’d went to talk to a neighbor, but when she walked around the car she found it on top of him.

Despite the efforts of her and some neighbors they were unable to lift the car. She also expressed that she  hopes that others will learn from her husband’s mistake and that future accidents of this nature can be avoided.

According to most manufacturers scissor jacks are only designed to be used when changing tires and not when working beneath an automobile.

According to his niece Emily, Donald was widely known in the area as a die-hard Auburn Tiger fan, a man of his word, and an avid supporter of the military.

He had no children but was very attached to the family dog Pebbles. Emily also said of her uncle : “He was one of my best friends. I always knew he was just a phone call away and he was there for me regardless. I’m going to miss him dearly.”

Donald had been employed as a chemical technician at the Valway Division of Milliken and Co. for the past 13 years.

He was born in Franklin in 1968 but had spent most of his life in the Newnan and Hogansville areas. Mr. Fomby was laid to rest at the Myrtle Hill cemetery last Thursday afternoon.


  1. kim winzer says

    this is so sad, I cant imigane this, I think no one should work on their car alone

  2. shelly hester says

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Fomby’s family.

  3. Randy Bryan says

    It is bad that the car fell on him, and hind site is 20/20. this needs to be a lesson to anyone young and wanting to work under a car in the yard. If it is off the ground it can fall. people do things everyday they wish they hadn’t done. Most get a second chance to do it again. every safety rule every wrote,,, was written in Blood.

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