December 2, 2020

Homemade Christmas Gifts

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Written by: Brittany Witcher

Christmas is just around the corner, which means you have to start thinking about getting the ones you love presents. However, if you are a little tight on money, Christmas may be a pain and bring lots of stress. Making gifts instead of buying them is a great way to save money and still show those you care about that you appreciate them. Here are a few homemade gifts that are sure to please your friends and family.

The first do it yourself gift are Nutter Butter Reindeer Pops. These are a cute and sweet treat to give to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

To make these, you will need Nutter Butters, extra creamy peanut butter, chocolate squares, white flat chocolate chip, red M&M’s, pretzels, wax paper, and popsicle sticks. You will first split open the Nutter Butters and add more peanut butter to both sides, put the popsicle stick to the middle and close the Nutter Butter.

Butter Reindeer Pops

Butter Reindeer Pops

Next, melt the chocolate squares so you can dip the whole Nutter Butter in it. Put the chocolate covered Nutter Butter on the wax paper and let it harden.

Finally, decorate the Nutter Butter with the white chocolate chips for the eyes, the red M&M for the nose, and 1/4 of the pretzel for antlers. Since you will obviously be making more than one, you could tie a cute Christmas ribbon around a few of these suckers and make a delicious bouquet of chocolate.

The second homemade gift that you can easily and affordably make this Christmas is intended for your female friends. Candy cane sugar scrub is simple to make, smells delicious, and keeps your skin glowing. To make this, you will need two mixing bowls, two cups of white sugar, one cup of extra virgin olive oil, two teaspoons of pure honey, around ten drops of peppermint oil, red food coloring, and a clear container to put it in.

First, put one cup of white sugar in each mixing bowl. Then, add half a cup of the extra virgin olive oil and one teaspoon of honey to each bowl and stir this mixture until it is blended well. Next, stir in the peppermint oil and blend the mixture until the oil is completely dissolved. Add a few drops of red food coloring to one of the bowls and stir it well.

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Add drops of food coloring until the mixture is the shade of red you want. Once this is done, place a layer of the red sugar scrub into the container and follow it with a layer of white. Do this until you have filled the container. Then, just tie a cute ribbon around your container and bam! Present complete!

The final do it yourself gift is for your mom or grandmother and is incredibly easy. Take a plain mason jar and write something on it in hot glue. For example “love” or “happiness” or a bible verse that means something to you.

Once the glue has dried, lay out a newspaper and spray paint the jar a color that will coordinate with their home. You can fill the jar with flowers or they can use it for spare change, make up brushes, silverware, or really anything that will fit. This simple gift is easy but classy.

All of these presents are affordable and easy to make. If none of these gifts are what you were looking for, you can always bake something or look on in the DIY section for more options.

To make gift making easier, set aside a day and make these gifts in bulk with a friend. That way, you will both have something to give and will get to spend time together. Merry Christmas!

Mason Jar Vase

Mason Jar Vase




  1. I know it is a little late to be posting on a Christmas article but I would like to say that I made home made edible gifts for Christmas and they seemed to be enjoyed more than anything I could have bought them. More people should try it.

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