July 24, 2021

Hot Dawg

[brian]A silence was broken, flashbulbs popped, and a smile flashed across the face of Isiah Crowell. “Next year I will be attending the University of Georgia” he said while being handed an English bulldog puppy.

Church bells sounded and choirs sang hymns while fans could do nothing but cheer the fact the number one running back recruit in the country was headed to Athens and along with the two talented runners returning, UGA was now poised with a stable of capable backs and an All-American caliber quarterback in Aaron Murray.

So when the news came down that starting tailback Washaun Ealey was being dismissed from the team for a rash of off-field issues and violations of team rules, it seemed like UGA would be fine.

Caleb King had proven to be a very capable runner and with Crowell sure to compete for the starting job, the dawgs would be ok. Then came the news that King had been ruled academically ineligible for the upcoming 2011 season.

So what started as a possible triple threat at RB has now turned into one of the hottest topics in the SEC. Can UGA make a run in what looks to be another down year in the SEC East with a true freshman tailback?

Everyone took notice last year of another similar situation at South Carolina when head coach Steve Spurrier went against all that is holy in his mind and pounded freshman sensation Marcus Lattimore all the way to Atlanta and an SEC title game appearance.

Speaking of the SEC championship, you may have noticed number five wearing orange and blue. If you didn’t notice then you probably took notice when Michael Dyer earned offensive MVP honors in the BCS title game as a true freshman running back.So it’s fair to say that teams can be successful in the SEC with a freshman carrying the load. But Crowell is neither Lattimore nor Dyer and UGA is neither Auburn nor South Carolina.

South Carolina had a passing attack last year that was statistically better than average and Auburn had a guy you may have heard of named Cam Newton which made loading the box and keying solely on the running game difficult for opposing defenses last year.

UGA does have the best quarterback in the SEC returning for them in Aaron Murray, and one of the best receiving tight ends in the country in Orson Charles. But with the departures of both A.J. Green and Kris Durham to the NFL and an offensive line that failed to find a true identity last season, who can compliment the talented underclassmen?

Tavarres King flashed the kind of talent last season that could make him a viable option for the Murray down the field this season, but if he can be a true deep threat remains to be seen.

So is it fair to put the weight of the Bulldog’s season on a kid who hasn’t even played a snap in college? The fanfare surrounding Crowell hasn’t been seen since…….. well never.

Not even Herschel received this much attention as an incoming freshman. But nowadays recruits are graded, and evaluated, and tested, and graded, and evaluated and tested so that by the time they hit campus everyone knows everything about them.

So for a kid who has been labeled as “can’t miss”, the bulldog nation is hoping his aim is as good as his stage presence.


  1. Ok Chuck I have read your SEC team reports. Very informative and well written, but now here comes the test of test.. Put your tail on the line and post your top 5 picks for the SEC East, SEC West, and your top 10 over all picks in the Nation.

  2. Steve Cooper says

    Great article little Coop! My top 5 in the west are: Alabama, LSU, Miss State, Auburn, Ole Miss/
    Top 5 in the east are: S. Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tenn., Kentucky.
    Top 10 in the nation will be this in January 2012: Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon, LSU, Fla. State, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Boise State, S. Carolina.

    • Here is a question for Mr. Steve Cooper, and Chuck
      I have come to the conclusion that the National Championship , is determined by the outcome of the SEC Championship game, and the National Championship game only gives the rest of the country a chance to watch SEC Football. What are your feelings on this and how would you respond?

  3. Brian Cooper says

    Bob I think you are correct that the national title runs directly through the sec. Thishas been proven the last five years. The only thing I can see that I disagree with as far as the picks go is not having Arkansas in there for the west. They have a lot coming back on offense and should finish in the top 4 in the west.

  4. Uncle Bubba says


    Well written article. I agree with you that the success of UGA’s season will rely on Crowell’s shoulders. The first two games is their season and Richt’s job could be in serious jeopardy if they stumble out of the gate.

    Looking forward to reading your updates.

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