January 23, 2022

Important information about Heard County’s after school program


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Below are some frequently asked questions about the After School Program at the elementary schools within the Heard County School System:

* What are the days and times of the After School Program (ASP)?

Monday through Friday, 3:00pm (following the 2:45 student dismissal) until 6:00pm. Parents/guardians are expected to be at school for student pick-up by 6:00.

* How much will the after school program cost?

The cost will be $5 per day per student ($25 for a week). There is a one-time registration fee. If you do not pay your weekly payment by the deadline, you will be charged a $5 late fee.  Weekly commitment and tuition is due by 6:00pm on Friday before the week of participation.

* Will I need to register my student(s) for the ASP?

Yes. There will be a registration form (and one time registration fee) that will need to be completed. A Jot Form will be shared on social media and posted on school websites later this summer.

* Will there be someone that we can reach during the ASP hours?

Yes. Each elementary school will have a director on site. He/she will be available to answer the phone if you have questions or have an emergency.

* What will take place for the students during the ASP? 

There will be a variety of activities for your child. Sample schedule of activities: Snack / Bathroom Break / Study/Homework time / Reading time / Indoor/Outdoor Activities / Clean up time

* Can I utilize the program on a “drop-in basis?”

Yes. However, a “pre-completed” registration form will need to be on file with each school. Parents/guardians will need to communicate with the director. Payment will be expected at time of pick up.

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