November 26, 2020

Infant capital murder case against Bremen man goes to grand jury

(Heflin, AL/The Anniston Star) — A Cleburne County judge decided Tuesday there is enough evidence to proceed with a capital murder charge against a Georgia man accused of killing a 7-month-old Cleburne County boy.

District Judge Melody Walker said at a probable cause hearing Tuesday morning that the state had met the requirements to send the case against Bremen, Ga., resident Anthony Wade Killingsworth to a Cleburne County grand jury.

Killingsworth, 19, was charged with capital murder and aggravated child abuse after allegedly injuring his girlfriend’s son while the boy was in his care on May 5.

Hollis fire Chief Dan Hopkins said at the hearing he was the first to arrive at the home of Rachel Elders, 20, in response to a 911 call that afternoon.

He arrived to find Jesse Elijah Martin gasping for breath sporadically but couldn’t find a pulse, Hopkins said. He also noticed a red mark on the child’s face and a ring of dried blood around his mouth, Hopkins said.

Anthony Wade Killingsworth (Photo: The Anniston Star)

Anthony Wade Killingsworth (Photo: The Anniston Star)

When a deputy arrived at the home, Hopkins said, he told him to call for an investigator.

“I think we have a situation here,” Hopkins said he told the deputy.

Cleburne County Sheriff’s Investigator Bryan Tumlin said he went straight to the landing zone where an air ambulance was scheduled to take the baby to Egelston Hospital in Atlanta after receiving the call.

He saw Martin as the medics moved him from the ambulance to the helicopter. The child was unresponsive and had a red spot on the left side of his head and face, Tumlin said.

“To me, it looked like a handprint,” he said.

When he arrived at Egelston Hospital that evening, Tumlin said the doctors told him Martin had bruises on his upper arms near his shoulders as well as neck and head injuries consistent with a baby that had been shaken, Tumlin said.

The doctors also said the injuries were severe enough that symptoms would have occurred soon after the injury, he said.

Martin died May 8 of multiple blunt-force trauma, according to the doctors who did the autopsy, Tumlin said.

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  1. Tesia McCormick says

    Poor Little Baby. He is with Jesus now & will never know any thing but LOVE. That`s what he SHOULD HAVE FELT HERE ! This Male, I will not call him a man, a real man would NEVER HAVE DONE THIS, anyway, he needs the same treatment that this precious baby had done to him…….

  2. Can someone explain to me how hitting or shaking a child to the point of killing it isn’t intentional?

    • If you knew the true story you’d know he was throwing the baby up making it giggle and the babys.head accidentally hit the ceiling.

      • John smith says

        That is asinine. One you don’t throw a baby in the air by their arms . And how many times did this cockroach throw this baby against the ceiling. He needs to be locked in a room with that baby’s family.

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