December 8, 2021

James Perry for Heard County District 2 Commissioner

Vote For James Perry District 2

Dear citizens of Heard County District 2,

Over the past several weeks I have spoken to hundreds of you and would like to speak to all of you but time and other circumstances have not allowed that to happen.

However, from the huge number I have spoken to I can truthfully say I respect your opinions and collectively know we all want basically the same things for our area of Heard County. We also want a strong leader and voice of representation on our board of commissioners.

I am that person. I promise to listen to you and represent each of you fairly and equally. I will create a communication system to keep you informed of all political actions pending which effect you and our community.

I have been amazed at the graciousness and warm country style of life that you display daily.

I love that atmosphere and promise to work on your behalf to maintain our down-home style of living, promote our farm families and work to insure your safety and basic needs are improved upon.

I would be honored and humbled to serve you as your District 2 commissioner.

Please vote for me and allow me to work with and for you to insure our quality of life in this district continues to be a balance of families and farms.

Thank you,

James Perry

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