April 15, 2021

James Stewart DAR launches Patriot Bear Project with FPD

Picture above (L-R) are Franklin Police Officer Nikki Chapman, Carla Brown, and Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah (Photo: Pamela Lyle/DAR)

(Franklin, GA) — The James Stewart Chapter, NSDAR, made the first delivery of their “Patriot Bear” Project to the Franklin Police Department on Friday, July 24, 2020.

As our nation is looking to the 250th Anniversary of the country, chapter members adopted this project to honor their patriot ancestors, bring comfort to a child, and support local law enforcement.

Each of the Patriot Bears will be holding a birth certificate that has the name, date of birth, and service of an actual Revolutionary War patriot.

Each member of the chapter is a direct descendent of one or more of these patriots and each of these bears will be holding a parchment scroll of a patriot that served to create our great country so many years ago.

Law enforcement and teddy bears have a very rich history.

Programs around the country have existed for decades and have provided comfort to children in stressful situations.

Chapter Regent, Pamela Lyle stated, “JSC chapter members will be happy if there is never a situation where a child will receive one of these bears, but if our police are involved in a situation, they will be properly equipped.”

The Teddy Bear is one of the world’s most beloved toys and was named for President Theodore Roosevelt, after he refused to shoot a bear during a Mississippi hunting trip in November 1902.

The guide for the hunt tied a bear to a tree and then invited the president to shoot it. Instead, Roosevelt, an avid outdoorsman and hunter, declined, saying it would be unsportsmanlike to kill a defenseless animal that way. The incident generated national attention and was depicted in a popular political cartoon by Clifford Berryman.

Inspired by the cartoon, a Brooklyn shopkeeper made a stuffed fabric bear in honor of America’s 26th president and displayed it in his shop window.

Morris Michtom received permission to use the president’s name for their creation and they went on to start a successful business that manufactured teddy bears and other toys.

Not all patriots were soldiers in the Revolutionary War. Many civilians provided support and furnished supplies to the Continental Army with the risk of imprisonment or losing their lands.

Consider joining the NSDAR. Membership is open to any woman over 18 years of age that can prove that she is of direct lineal descent to a patriot of the Revolutionary War.

Visit the genealogy tab on www.dar.org to look for your patriot today or feel free to contact us at jamesstewartchapterdar@gmail.com or call (770) 856-3354 and speak to a chapter member.

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