August 1, 2021

Tabula Rasa: Keepin’ On

I’ve been silent lately. I chose to include you all in on my journey, so I should be including you all in on everything… but I tend to go into a shell when things get real.

My doctor told me to expect to feel like a pregnant woman for a few months because the stomach controls hormones. Real quick… do you know how to make a whore moan? Don’t pay her. I think of that joke every time I say the word hormone.

So I’ve been a bit all over the place. Mostly happy, though. People at work are starting to notice the weight loss, in certain things I wear.

My first day back at work...

That’s good, right? I feel like I’m sort of at a stand still, though. I lost 28 lbs really fast, the first 2 weeks after the surgery. But I was super sick and not eating at all.

So, of course…I gained some of those lbs back after I got better and started eating real food. I’m almost back down to that weight – but i feel like it’s back tracking.

Could I be the one person this surgery doesn’t work for? What if everyone has this huge expectation of some great event that never takes place? All the things I have planned for my new body… what if I never get to do those things?

The people at work have been amazing. I’ve been humbled and grateful by the enormous amount of support all my friends and trannies (I work for AirTRAN – for you slow people) and family.

I cannot stress enough how important a support system is and will be to someone making a huge life-altering decision such as wls.

I am incredibly independent and can do anything on my own, but I am not so sure I would have made it this far without the support I have gotten. I feel more loved and blessed than words could possibly describe.

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