August 5, 2020

Keris Kares thanks community, donates art supplies to local schools

(Franklin, GA) — Thank you Brave Nation for supporting Keris Kares and Braves Going Gold.

Our community, through donations, purchasing bands, and t-shirts raised approximately $1100.00!

This is an amazing amount of money that will help families pay their bills during the most difficult time in their lives.

Keris Kares appreciates the commitment of the Heard County community for the last two years in the Going Gold in September for Pediatric Cancer Awareness; we will continue this tradition next September 2020, and for years to come.

Mary Greely Japour presents a donation of art supplies on behalf of Keris Kares to Debbie Cole at Ephesus Elementary School this week (Photo: Sarah Japour)

Without the enthusiasm and commitment of Coach Tim Barron and all the coaches, the football players, cheerleaders, school personnel, students, and community in general, this success would never be possible; thank you so very much!

Today, to cap off September Going Gold for Pediatric Cancer Awareness, a huge box of art supplies was delivered and donated to the Heard County elementary schools with Debbie Cole accepting the donations for all her classes.

The donation of art supplies by Keris Kares to the Heard County elementary schools (Heard County Elementary, Ephesus Elementary, and Centralhatchee Elementary) is part of the out-reach to the community.

Thank you again for ALL that Heard County does supporting Keris Kares.

To learn more about Keris Kares please go to our website or follow us on social media (Keris Kares on Facebook or KerisKares on Instagram).

If you know a family that has a pediatric cancer diagnosis in need of assistance, please go to the website and under outreach is information on applying for assistance. You can also send inquiries for assistance to

The Keris Kares website and social media pages have information on future events, opportunity to volunteer, and ways to donate all year long.

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