January 23, 2022

Kite Day fun at Brush Creek Park

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Franklin

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Franklin

(Franklin) — Kite day at Brush Creek was a big success. It was held on March 22 at Brush Creek Park.

Many different groups of people showed up throughout the day, some arrived for the American Indian artifact show that began first, followed by grilled hot dogs, baked beans, and chips for a picnic style lunch. Chattahoochee Archaeology Research Team provided lunch.

The Native American Dancers had the biggest turnout, followed by a large group of kite flyers, approximately 30 kids with kites, what a sight!

Later in the day curious folks showed up to hear about “The Great Kite” and “The Franklin Lights.” This was the largest event for the park since the Sheriff’s Office Easter Egg Hunt in 2013.

Steve Lane, Park Ranger stated “ In my 10 years at the park I have never seen bigger smiles at any event. Special thanks to Trish at the Times Journal, Sandra, who prepared the food and helped with the planning, Tabitha, and the good LORD. What a day!”

Tabitha is a Seminole Indian. Most people are unaware that of over 500 tribes, the Seminole’s were the only tribe to never surrender.

After spending millions of dollars and thousands of casualties Andrew Jackson, at the hands of the Seminoles, suffered his only defeat. Lane stated, “It was a treat to have them back at the park.”

Lane said “This is the only event in the last 10 years that people called afterward to express how much they enjoyed the event. Even though only around 300 people attended we had thousands of smiles which made the event worthwhile.”

Steve Lane is a member of the Chattahoochee Archeology Research Team and Park Ranger for Brush Creek Park. He would like to invite everyone out to Heard County Sheriff Office Annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday – April 12, 2014 12:00 P.M. Held at 1328 Brush Creek Park Rd. Franklin, Georgia.~Times Journal

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