March 4, 2021

Letter To The Editor: A kind and humble Christian man

Dear Editor:

I remember Mr. Jack Brazeal as a very kind and humble Christian man.

When I worked for the water authority as water plant manager he called several times and without complaining said that his water just did not taste right.

It was always a pleasure riding up to Mr. and Mrs. Brazeal’s house. I always felt right at home as soon as I got there and very welcome.

Mr. Jack had water issues because he was the last house on the county line as we call “dead end” lines.

There are many of these dead end lines in the county and not all water customers are as understanding about this dirty water as Mr. Jack was.

I would place my meter on the hydrant and open the hydrant fully and watch this water that looked like waste water rush from the hydrant.

As Mr. Jack would stand there watching he would chuckle comment that it was about due for a flushing. I would slowly turn the valve to decrease the water flow as Mr. Jack would look on.

When we decreased the water flow to about 10 gallons per minute, Mr. Jack and I would walk back to his porch. As he and I sat there and talked, his sweet wife brought me a snack.

I told them that their Grandson Josh helped train me to treat water at the water plant at the City of LaGrange. I could tell that when he spoke of his family there was definitely a sparkle in his eye.

I would sit and talk to them for a little while and this is one of the many Blessings that I received just by knowing that I could make a fine couple’s day gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Mr. Jack had a lot of love to offer the world and a lot of people in the world loved him. This county is a better place because Mr. Jack left his mark here as a Christian man first and a loyal county worker and a friend to all.

My Prayers are with the family but Mr. Jack is better off than all of us left on this earth because he placed his faith in Jesus Christ.

The memory still is stuck in my mind once while I was flushing he and his wife with their Bible in hand told me just to make my self at home that they were headed to church.

Lawrence Lipford (Franklin, GA)

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  1. Jack Brazeal says

    Thank you Lawrence for the Kind words and memories you shared! Dad was my Hero and He Definitely Loved His Family and the Good Lord. I’m Honored to have been raised by such a Humble man, and Share his Name, and Love for My Family and God as well!! Thanks again my Friend! 🙂

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