December 3, 2020

Letter to the Editor: A note to former co-workers

To my friends at the Courthouse,

Years ago people would get a job and stay there til they retired or died. Not only were employee and employers loyal to each other but mostly it was the relationships they made throughout the years that made the job like a family.

I don’t know when it started to change but until I started working at the Courthouse I had not really ever found a work family like this one.

Not only did they treat me like a member of their family but they really were interested in me and my family and tried everything to help when I had fallen on hard times.

When I left a real feeling of loss that I never had known at any other job came over me and I didn’t understand it until I received a card letting me know how much they missed me, appreciated my work, and my friendship.

I have since moved on to a different job, one more suited to my education and abilities but the Courthouse and my friends will always be the job I would wish for everyone.

Love and miss you guys,
Jeff Gilbert

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