November 26, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Autistic child speaks out on bullying

Dear Editor:

I want to share my story about being bullied. I am 12 years old and I have Autism. I do things sometimes that make sense to me but not to other people. I wave my hands and move my body in certain patterns when I feel nervous and excited. I call this “my patterns”. My patterns help me calm down and make sense of my world.

Since I was in Pre-K, some kids have done and said mean things to me. Even if I act like I didn’t notice, I did notice and it makes me feel bad. Sometimes it makes me cry. When kids look at me or talk to me in mean ways, it makes me feel unimportant, ugly and stupid.

I’m like other kids in many ways. I love to listen to music, going outside, swimming and bowling. I want to make friends but it’s hard for me to know how to do that. If other kids would talk to me, they would see I am a nice person. Just remember, you don’t have to blow out someone else’s candle so your’s can shine brighter.


Jessica Kirkpatrick

6th Grade (HCMS)


  1. Anna Kirkpatrick says


  2. Miss Jessica,
    First let me say that you’re far from ugly, Your smile alone is as bright as the sun and reveals an even more beautiful soul…you couldn’t smile like that were it not so! Second, clearly you’re far from stupid. This is apparent with your writing skills and your ability to express your feelings so well. I’d say your quite advanced! Third, you are a child of God and each of us are more important to Him than we will ever know…I’m guessing you’re right up there as the MOST important person to your parents as well.

    Here’s something I learned from Dr. Suess when I was a girl, a long long time ago that has stuck with me for many years and helped me appreciate the things about me that make me unique…The people that matter, accept and love me as I am and the people that don’t accept and love me as I am DON’T MATTER 🙂 It’s kind of hard at first to learn this lesson, but since you’re clearly smarter than the average bear, you’ll get it WAY before I did!

  3. Bless her loving heart! What a brave, courageous, and inspiring young lady. Hold your head up sweet girl. You are a wonderful person.

  4. jessica wade says

    awe!!! This made me smile but broke my heart at the same time……everyone has their own unique things they do when they get nervous mine is that i have to fiddle with something! so really your no different from everyone else..It take a million different people to make this world revolve and your just one of them…:)

  5. It’s so important to advocate for programs to educate kids in schools as to how to interact and assist their peers that have autism of other special needs!!!! I have worked with may children with autism and I’ve started a fun photo project to spread the awareness of the need for these types of programs. check it out!

  6. Teri Mcintyre says

    Jessica, when I was young I also was bullied. I was so timid that people just wanted to beat me up or call me names. I am now in my 50s and of course am past all that, but memories dont sting as much. The bullies are the ones to pity and feel sorry for. I mean, if that is the way they have to act to build up themselves, that in itself is so sad. Something in thier lives much not be going so well. If you make it through these years of school, it will build in you such character of grace and endurance. A lot of these troubles in life when your young, will mold you into the person you will someday grow up to be. God will use this to help you to look at others with so much compassion because you were there, You will rise above this, as it seems you have already done this by writing your letter. Your amazing and things will get better. Just make sure you hang out with people that build you up. I wish I had a magic wand to quiet bullies when they open thier mouths to spat out bad things at you. Stay strong and you will be in my prayers every day!!

  7. Wow Jessica …What a Great Letter …It needs to be sent to every school across Gerogia …and the USA…..the thing about the candle was just so sweet and true …Let your little light shine brighter …(big light)….and help others to shine too …the comment from Trish was right on …your are very pretty and smart too …!! Keep up the Writting ,maybe one day we’ll be reading a book you’ve written …:0)

  8. Wow! thats is awesome!

  9. Kaitlin brown says

    I go to school with this amazing girl and it’s truly a blessing that I get to spend days with her around seeing her smile just makes me happy on days that she horrible she always love having friends around her she truly is a amazing young lady and last night she won hoco queen I’m so happy and proud of her she didn’t win bcof pity or nothing she won because she is always being herself she is perfect the way she is and she is always there for people


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