January 23, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Children in School

Dear Editor:

For a child 5-years-old it does not make sense for this child to spend eight hours at school and then get sent home from school to have four or more hours worth of homework, including spelling, writing (numbers, letters, words, and name), math (writing, counting, and tracing geometric shapes), reading (2/3 books).

Lord forbid that they are out one day because that doubles their work. All this includes 5/10 worksheets. Of course some of the worksheets are due on Thursday, but between these being due there is more and more that is added per day.

When did it become expectable to put so much on a 5-year-old that they are emotionally, mentally, and physically drained to the point that they do not want to do anything that might be school related? They cry when school is mentioned.

This is my second year dealing with this. Two children back to back. SAME TEACHER AND SAME SITUATION.

Every other teacher has loved these children, say they are the best mannered and well-respected.

FOR THE SECOND YEAR AND CHILD, my child is getting bad notes, misconduct situations and begging not to go to school.

The first child is now a grade higher, new teacher, and straight A’s. No problems in school and again begging to go everyday. WHY?

Lord forbid a child would like to be a child, play a sport or even be involved in a church event. Due to not having time to do anything, these children cannot participate in such activities or they will be deemed “behind” or “needs help.” This has now happened for the second time again.

Just because we are from a small community like Ephesus does not make us stupid, or uneducated to where we can not stand up and do something when we see wrong.



David Morales

Ephesus, GA


  1. I totally agree. I don’t have children at home anymore, but I do have grandchildren. This is not a good thing to do to a small child just starting school.

  2. i agree they shouldn’t have so much homework placed on them as 5 yrs old children when they get home from school its more work for them and they dont have time to be a kid………

  3. Stephanie McRae says

    I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you in person. Please check your email to set up a time.

    Thank you,

    Stephanie McRae

  4. I have a granddaughter in the 1st grade at Ephesus and I drive her to school and pick her up in the afternoon. I have done this since she started in pre-k, and I have not noticed that she has to much homework, as soon as we get home she gets a snack and does her homework and I dont recall it taking more than an hour to do her homework. I know everyones situation is different and I am retired so have more time for her than some. I really have no complaints about the school at Ephesus, the teachers seem to be dedicated to the students in preparing them for the next grade and to excel when they move to the next grade. They have to go by the guidelines that the government sets and I think all the schools have to go by them.

  5. I also think it has to do with the child, not saying that is your case. But I have two boys that are polar opposite of each other. My 3rd grader hates homework and takes hours to do it and my kindergartner gets done and ask for more. But I too love Ephesus and it’s teaching staff. The teachers work with the child and his/her ability or lack of it. Smaller class sizes mean more attention paid to the child and I respect any teacher that wants to push a child to be better!

  6. I had the same situation at Ephesus school that’s why I changed mine to heard it was TOTALLY ridiculous good luck

  7. David, if you haven’t talked with the teacher and principal about these issues, you have chosen the wrong place to express you concerns. Go to the school or at least talk with the ones who know this situation best and care very much for the happiness, well being and progress of your children. From Judy Miller

  8. Waa Waa all your doing is teaching your child is to complain and whine. Do the work and move on. Not every child is gonna be smart. Not every parent is going to push their child to be the best. A lot of parents just whine and complain instead of spending the required time with their child to help them learn,…,it’s not all the teachers job to do it.

  9. kf needs to stop judging unless kf is the teacher. I have seen teachers that did give much more then other teachers. One of my granddaughters teachers would not let her make up test during the time her mom was very ill after brain tumor removal. It didn’t matter she said my granddaughter should get her work done. In the end the teacher was dismissed from her teaching at the school my granddaughter attended.

  10. Congrats to the principal, teachers, staff for being named a 2014 Reward School! This is one of the highest honors.

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