January 26, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Coach Barron addresses the Brave Nation

To the Heard County Community:

Let me start off by telling you that I have never taught and coached at a better place. From the very top to the very bottom, the Heard County School System has put kids above all others.

I also want the fans to understand that I am not upset about fans questioning calls and being upset with the coaches about our record.

Honestly, I am glad we are at a point where losing is not the expectation.  I do not ever want to be at a place where it is ok to be average.

Let it be clear to the fans that it is ok to question calls.  I do it every Saturday when I watch college ball.  That is a part of the game.

This is far deeper than that.  I do my best to stay off the social media but there comes a point when you can only stand by for so long.

We as coaches put these kids through so much just to be a part of this team. Every kid we have has sacrificed blood sweat and tears to represent this community the best that they can.  Some do it at practice and you never get to see it in the game.

Every kid that is on this team at this moment is special because they have had the intestinal fortitude to survive while others chose to quit.

No player comes out on game day to make mistakes or play poorly. These kids walk on that field to showcase their skills and to give this entire community something to be proud of. If we fall short, it is on me and me alone. It is my job to have the coaches ready and the team prepared.

Where I am going with all this is that I can no longer sit back quietly and accept that it is ok to yell and scream horrible things about individual kids.

When it gets to the point that the parents of some of our players do not wish to sit with our own fans, then it is time for all of us to come together and put an end to it.

When people in this community are going on anonymous social media apps and degrading players by name then it is time for us to come together and put an end to it.

As a coach, one part of my job is to motivate our kids to perform better.  Yes, sometimes it requires for me to be vocal and hard on them. A bigger part of my job is to protect them and let them know I care for them.

I have no authority beyond coaching some kids but I ask each and every member of this community to stand behind these young men. All the negativity has become a distraction and it is time for us to come together.

Coach Barron


  1. nancy heard says

    This has been going on for years in HC. In all sports. I’ve gotten up and left more than once due to this behavior. Thanks for addressing it, coach! You’re awesome.

  2. S. Bissell says

    Coach Barron – I would gladly entrust you to coach my kid. I hope the community and fans to respond appropriately to your request. If not, it will be their loss. God Bless!

  3. Marian Boyd Ross says

    Amen Coach Baron. If everyone would have the positive mindset that presented the thought: What if this were my child? It’s simple to “Do unto others as you would have done to you”. People best believe that even the nicest people have their limits, that’s for sure.

  4. Very proud to have coaches who care about the whole team not just one. There’s eleven men on the field at once and if one does not give his all the others have to pick him up. That’s why it’s called a team. Thanks coach Barron for all you do for these kids.

  5. Why do people choose to coach? They give so much of their lives for so little monetary gain, yet recieve more criticism than elected officials. I can not answer my question, but thank God for these folks who are so unselfish.

  6. Drew Walston says

    Every school goes through a rebuilding period! Heard has a freshman qb and lots off freshmen starting. They have guys with championship experience coming from the middle school. This may not be the year but fans should expect the next three or four to be great! Heard has never had coaches like coach Barron and the Kurbows. These guys are the real deal. No other team within miles and miles have been this competitive for this long of a stretch. Hang in there coach and fans!

  7. Tina Dobson Dempsey says

    Way to Go Coach Barron… Very proud to call you friend and super proud of the man you are!!!!

  8. Coach Sharolette says

    Well said Coach and hopefully fans take heed! These players deserve our very best just as they try to give us their very best! Enough is enough and that goes for ALL sports NOT just football. We need to allow these kids to be kids and support them for their efforts even when we fall short and are loosing. WE are still Heard Braves- Win or Lose! Thanks Coaches!

  9. Coach Barron was my coach in high school he is telling to truth u hear it all the time when ur on the field it was just degrading so keep going coach

  10. Classy Coach! Heard County is lucky the have such a great coach!

  11. These kids and coaches are very special to the HC family. Let the kids play the game they love let the coaches coach the game they love. If you cannot support ALL our kids and coaches maybe you need to attend some where else on game days. No matter the sport. I have three kids in the HC school system and are very proud to have our coaching staff on board to see them archive there goals at HC.



  12. Known you for a long time and you are a genuine person. Very caring as that is how you were raised. Hang in there and we know that you put the kids first and foremost. Great things come from great people and you are definitely one. Bet all the kids have your back and know that you are giving your all for them.. Do not berate a kid, parents. It might happen to you one day. Support your team and your school. I am sure Coach Barron will leave a positive impact on all his players helping them prepare for later in life. Love you Timbo.

  13. Tom Eriquezzo says

    Way to stand up for your kids coach! You are truly a first class coach that does it the right way!! Good for you!!

  14. Charles Jet more says

    Coach, this is Coach Jetmore– I concur with what you are saying. I know exactly where you are in this. I am continuously amazed that alleged fans can be so thoughtless, mean spirited, and cruel. Please remember what I have said so many times– if you don’t want kids to do it, then you don’t do it. If you don’t want kids to say it, then you don’t say it. That is aimed at all sports fans.

  15. Greg Holcomb says

    Thanks to Coach Barron and the entire coaching staff for all the things you do for the kids and the community. I have spent several Friday nights on the field and I know what a class act we have in our coaching staff. We may not win every game we play but rest assured that all the players who play for this staff will be winners off the field. If you think that they don’t put the kids first then take a look at the scholarships our players get compared to other schools our size. I hope my grandson gets to play for a Coach Barron and the staff we have now. Please find a way to come out Friday night and show our support for the team, school and coaching staff. Maybe a maroon out would let the team and coaches see this community’s support.

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