November 29, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Fired County Employee

To the Citizens of Heard County:

I am writing this letter due to concerns I have about the firing of a county employee. Her career with the county started at the age of 16, and with a devotion to her job, she quickly advanced to other positions within the courthouse, and after 23 years of loyal service to Heard County, and its residents, was dismissed from her position.

This woman, was let go from her job with the county, without the ability to defend herself properly before the Board of Commissioners.

My concern is this, someone who has worked for the county for over 20 years, respected by her peers, loyal to her job, and trained in her position to do her job correctly, shouldn’t she be allowed to, at least come before the board, for review of circumstances, to decide if dismissal was necessary?

I ask you, don’t we owe it to this individual,  a chance to explain or be heard, in a just hearing before the Board of Heard County Commissioners, before we destroy her life’s career.

The bible states in Deuteronomy 19:15:

“One witness shall not rise against a man concerning any iniquity or any sin that he commits; by the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established.”

Can Heard County be known as a county that is fair and just to its employees?


Patricia Gentry

A Heard County Resident


  1. Wondering says:

    Shouldn’t they do a full investigation before firing someone? Not a she said, he said investigation either. When someone has worked at a job that long, they deserve that to say the least. Solid proof needs to be presented.

  2. I don’t know who the person is. I’m sure I would know them by name or face, but yes Patricia, I agree with you totally. This person should have a chance to defend what she was dismissed over. Even at that, she should be compensated for the 23 years of service. Unless she has been found to have been unfair for the entire time.

    • Be careful what you wish for. I know enough about the case to say her superiors didn’t fire until they had confirmation from a Drug Test. Being found asleep would be enough for dismissal had it been anyone else. But her boss wanted to be more than fair. What you don’t understand is that if someone that has tested positive for Drugs must be dismissed. If the County left that person on the job and they were injured or caused someone’s injury the County could be held responsible. I know you are just trying to help a friend. But getting that friend into a Drug treatment program will benefit them more in the long run. It would also make her next work place safer.

    • I was a Captain at the fire dept. I posted on Russ Masa’s FB page that there needs to be more political signs in the North end..Now I live in Cleburne county Alabama and had spent the last 7 years climbing in ranks at the fire dept. Where I live in Ranburne we had a heated political campaign going on. I was at the new roosterville station and I posted on FB- we need to start at the top and replace everybody… Around midnight I was called to headquarters and fired for mis-use of social media while on the clock. I was not paid for my unused vacation/sick time. ok…that’s all. just wanted to add my story so yall can see how lame the leaders are.

  3. I can’t wait to learn who this is but more importantly unilaterally fired her without due process!

  4. There were a investigation

  5. Any employee is given their right to appeal when terminated. Apparently this employee chose NOT to appeal. I am confident that all of the commissioner’s were well aware of the circumstances that led to the dismissal of this employee. Maybe the information you have been given by this person is lacking in ALL THE DETAILS. I hope his former employee is aware that you have taken a private personnel matter and made it a public matter for everyone to talk about……..just saying…..

  6. Who agrees that all county employees should be subject to random drug screening? ESPECIALLY COPS!!!

  7. Charles Johnson says:

    If this employee was not given or told they had a right to appeal then that wasn’t right. I don’t think we ever know all the facts about an incident like this.

    • Actually Georgia is not a Right to work state. You can legally be fired for no reason . Your employer only needs to state that your services are no longer needed and you are out the door. Remember Southerners dislike Unions , good pay, and Medical Care.

      • Mark, I’m afraid you are wrong, Georgia IS a “Right to Work” state.You are right about the fact that an employer only needs state your services are no longer needed and you’re history. The “right to work” title is a misnomer as it really grants all the rights to the employer and none to the employee. thank your legislature for that, as business has many lobbyist that are paid by rich business owners to enact these kinds of laws that allow them treat employees any way they feel like and legally get away with it.

        • Rango you are right on. The term Right to work is misleading in that the worker has no rights. The term came about by Politicians passing legislation to weaken Unions. Georgia would be better described as a hire and fire at will state. It is akin to the most treasonist legislation ever passed and amazingly called the “Patriot Act”.

          • I was in a labor union for 33 years and most of what you said is wrong, in a right to work state you have a choice of being a member of a union or not, Unions are voted in by the employees and if the majority of the employees vote for union representation then it gives all employees the right to join or not join and if you do not join you do not pay union dues, in a non right to work state, called a closed shop and the workers have union representation you have to pay union dues wheather you join or not. What most big unions do is punish the people who work hard and do a good job because you can not get raises or compensation and someone who is lazy and does cruddy work makes the same amount of money that you do.

  8. I’m surprised no one is pulling hamstrings and twisting ankles over all this JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS they are doing! Come on people! If she has been there that long, she knew she had the right to appeal. Did she? Just check the next month’s agenda…is she on it? That will tell you if she appealed. But everyone feels better speaking their minds and attacking those who got rid of her without knowing all the details. Probably all the same people who said Teresa Chapman was innocent and defender her. How did that work for ya?
    Pretty obvious she failed some type of drug test. But I guess for those of you who are her friend want her to keep the job regardless of the outcome of the drug test. She might not have appealed cause she didn’t want the truth to come out. Every thought of that? If she was terminated wrongly why not appeal and make the government folks look like fools and get paid!
    I swear, sometimes I think people are complete idiots!

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  10. The last sentence WOW’s comment describes him completely..

  11. Hilarious Rango. HIM huh? Nice sexist remark there. Your assumption that I have to be a dude just validates my “last sentence”. How do you, and why do you, assume automatically I’m a dude?

    Idiot defined: “An IDIOT, or dullard, is an intellectually disabled person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.” It’s like a mirror isn’t it Rango?

    Synonyms for IDIOT for your pleasure: fool, half-wit; imbecile; dolt, dunce, numskull.

  12. Ha ha !…have a nice day Madam.

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