January 23, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Follow-up from Unhappy Resident

To the residents of Heard County:

I am going public because my concerns have now turned into alarm about a sudden new round of damage to my buildings in recent weeks by the Heard County Water Authority. There are occasional destructive shock waves, always at the exact same minutes after the hour when the pumps cycle.

But what’s creating dangerous conditions is the powerful sustained lateral force that often builds up and pushes, pushes, pushes against the front-facing foundation of my house from the direction of the water main. (And contrary to their years of excuses, there has never been any doubt where this is coming from. Whenever it occurs, the same motion can also be felt along the water main in my front yard.)

What’s occurring now is building up to frightening intensity around those ‘pump minutes’ and has separated molding from the ceilings, buckled up flooring, and bowed out some interior walls in my house. One interior doorframe is now so warped that I am having trouble closing the door.

I smelled propane leaks under my house during the worst incident.These new events seem more violent and out of control than in years past as if the water main is approaching total failure, or perhaps a far too-powerful pump is being operated on the line.

I don’t say this lightly, especially after all the mayhem I’ve been put through by the Heard County Water Authority, but now I really have become fearful for my safety and for the structural integrity of my house.  And that is why I am posting this letter. This damage has to stop!

In April, I wrote to the Heard Citizen about a despicable two-year effort out here in Waresville to smoke me off of my property, which curiously began just exactly when the first round of damage by the Water Authority diminished. I described being taunted by some county employees that the reason my requests for help regarding the smoke and some suspicious chemical fumes fell on deaf ears was retaliation for me filing suit about that initial damage.

Well thankfully, the smoke issues have improved in recent weeks.  But funny how just exactlywhen the smoke backed off, what should rear its head again but even worse damage from the Heard County Water Authority’s infrastructure in my front yard. My, isn’t it striking how absolutely DESPERATE somebody is to keep on damaging my property, tormenting me, and holding my life hostage? That’s why exposure of this situation is necessary.  

I am seeking information about whether the Heard County Water Authority’s pipeline in my yard is being used for perhaps some new water sale or diversion into Alabama. Ever since this second round of damage began, there has been a flurry of curious activity around my property by vehicles with markings and features that indicate they are utility-related.

Following each of these episodes where tremendous lateral force pushes against the foundation of the house for hours on end, my back, legs, hips, and neck remain sore and tensed for a couple of days afterward, from having to brace my body against that constant ‘push.’ That’s how powerful the sustained force pushing against my house is. It transfers up through every piece of furniture that is in contact with the floors.   And how would you like to be awakened three or four times many nights, and then finally just have to stay up and forget about sleeping?  

Nobody has to put up with being endangered, nor are they obligated to live without sleep or to have their home damaged because of incompetence, hate, or politics – let alone for somebody to profit from a water sale. Of all the rights that every citizen has, none are more basic than to live in your own home without being placed in danger by the activities of your local government! 


Marie Meacham

Franklin, GA


  1. Just a suggestion Marie. Why don’t you disconnect from the county water supply and go back to using your well?

  2. Come on Heard County Water do something about this and get off our lazy butt before something horrible happens to this lady. She is begging you to help her and take care of your problem that has come over to her. Have you even been out there and looked and talked to her?? Shame on you for this getting this bad.She should call every news Tv station in Atlanta and get Heard County real embarassed!! Go stay in her house and let the pumps cut on and see for yourself. I dont know her but it sounds like your county had better start knowing her real quick for you have a disaster waiting to happen!!!

    • Every one here knows her I lived next to her. No one ever burned anything and no water pumps are doing anything to her house. She’s crazy. She tries to shoot anyone that comes on her property. She is old and has hallucinations.

  3. Lorrie Sayer says

    How come I live in the building right next door and I am connected to the same water line and I do not have any problems.My building is not shaking. My doors open & shut. And my walls are not bowing in any strange direction. Maybe because we take care of our buildings? A little upkeep apparently goes long way! Even though they have been shot!! Repeatedly. Just like the water line in that woman’s yard.
    And I am glad the smoke situation is better. Maybe now this lovely lady can go scream at the water department instead of my kids in the yard! It is absolutely pathetic that this county has let this go on so long! I have been dealing with it for 5 years since we kicked her out of the store for acting a fool & attempting to threaten one of our customers inside. From there we have had to get trespassing papers and even gone to court. Yet the county let’s it continue…
    Something should be done alright!

    • She needs to go to an institution. It’s ridiculous all of the drama that she causes. She says that HCWA is harassing her…Umm, I think it’s the other way around.

      • Lorrie Sayer says

        My thoughts exactly. Problem is nobody wants to deal with her. They want to think she will eventually stop. How long does it take for them to see this is her mission in life? She is trying to prove her bizarre theories are ruining her life when it is her own mind! She does need help. I have gone to many different people & they all agree. However, they prefer the wait and see approach over actually doing anything to help her. I have been told everything from she is just lonely to she is just sick in the mind. Well. That is the point! I do not like her, I am not going to lie, but someone needs to help her. I honestly feel my family is in danger. We never know when she will finally snap. I do not agree with the wait & see crap. But, at the same time I hate to see her suffer. She is lonely. Her health has declined. She has run everybody away. For her sake this county should have already stepped in to help her. They have known the circumstances of her mental issues yet have chose to do nothing! It is sad. Truly sad.
        On the same note – she has been allowed to do this so long it has become a game for everyone. At the taxpayers expense! The fire trucks are a regular part of our daily life. And why? It is in the county codes she should be charged. Why are we paying for all of these calls? Why is she not? Why are there “banners” on her fence still? They are against county codes? She should be fined. Why do I have to pay to get a lawyer to fight the harassment my family has had to deal with when I am not the one breaking the law? My husband WAS a deputy here! I am disgusted. I am held to the law. I expect those around me to be, too. I am disgusted. Once again, they don’t want to deal with her! Out of sight – out of mind! Guess as long as they don’t have to come out here they don’t have to acknowledge the problem.

        • Lorrie Sayer says

          Sorry to carry on so. I have just been dealing with our elected officials over this for 5 years trying to protect my family only to be told the same thing over & over – we don’t know what to do with her! Find out! Other people see the problem, too! Do something to help her & it will help everyone else as well!

      • Lorrie Sayer says

        Apparently there continues to be a stumbling block. I prefer to label it as authority. Of course, could be ability. But I will stand by authority. Or lack of.

  4. You have been harassing the water authority for years now. Don’t you think it’s time to give up?

  5. The technology, to discretely do what you claim is being done to you, does not exist. It would require an ENORMOUS array of electro-hydraulic solenoids located DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE through which a voluminous amount of water would have to flow, at the precise amplitude to upset YOUR soil, and YOUR structures only.

    This would, of course, follow a lengthy, and expensive, study of the density and moisture content of your soil, the structural integrity, materials makeup and method of contruction used in your home, and the property of your neighbors as well. The amplitude of hydrodynamic pulses would have to be modulated so that it only affects you and not your neighbors. Heard County, nor the state of Georgia, could afford this technology, if it even existed.

    A hydrodynamic shock powerful enough to move earth and cause structural damage in precisely focused manner for targeting cannot be delivered through a municipal water supply main line, period.

    The question to be answered, I suppose it is a valid question in your mind, is why? Why would a simple municipal water company spend billions of dollars on non-existant equipment for the sole purpose of terrorizing some crazy old lady, and yiu are crazy. This much we can see from your words.

    I suggest that you seek psychiatric help, if you haven’t, and if you have, take your dang meds you fruitloop!

    • Marie I hope you can find a way to have your issues resolved. I don’t have the expertise to evaluate any of your concerns but if I did I would certainly offer my help. Have you contacted your County Commission Representative or Mr. Boone himself ? You may have to go outside the county for help ? I know you have stressed over this for some time now . I will pray that you find a satisfactory resolution to your situation.

  6. Blame it on the rain. Perhaps the climate change. The old rock quarry. The new roller coaster at Six Flags shakes the ground. The excavation for Highway 27. Atlanta Hartfield, the busiest airport. The Fourth of July fireworks on the square. Hurricanes Eloise & Opal. The Heard County Earthquake. The warning horns at West Point Dam. Maybe the loud cheering at The World Cup…. Think outside of the box.

  7. She could be eating that “Fruit Loop Cereal” every morning!

  8. It’s just elves. We have them too. They are pretty cool when you get to know them. actually got ours to dig up my garden this year.

  9. The smoke had validity; perhaps the other does as well. Sounds similar to fracking results. Regardless of the validity, they are very real to you and it appears you’ve had little positive response. I was appalled at the amount of cruel comments you received. Until I remembered where you live. No one should have to endure such hatefulness. There is one solution. You could move somewhere people are kinder and more tolerant. It has worked before.

    • Lorrie Sayer says

      She reported that we were burning underground & piping the smoke to her house. Please explain the validity in that. The problem is her mental status & the fact that she turns around & attacks anyone she believes to be even remotely connected. The water department did try to help her. The county did try to help her. We did try to help her. Read her blogs. There is like 5 or 6.They all talk about the same type of issues with the same symptoms but with different causes. And then there are her banners! Actually they are more like slander sheets. She needs help. The people here are tired of her attacking them. Moving will not help her. Medication will. What little family she has left does not want to make the decision so it should be to the county. They should go ahead & do something instead of sitting back & waiting for her to go away. She is not. She is her home. In her mind she is defending it. Like I said before – it is sad. And the funny thing is – I am related to her! & so is an important person in this county who is the root to a lot of these problems & how all this his been handled! So. Maybe it all will change with the next elections. I am hoping at least for her sake.

  10. I don’t know the persons involved or much about the situation. I read a comment on the smoke problem getting better and thought there might truly be a problem. I just think it is atrocious that anyone has to endure the taunts, name calling and rude suggestions that she has in a public forum.

  11. I do not know Ms. Meacham nor anything more of the situation than I’ve read here. I’m not in a position to assess anyone’s mental state, but her problems appear to be real to her. She only spoke out against a government department, which is her right. My point was, and is, that the comments and remarks directed to her, in this forum, are juvenile, uncalled for and in ridiculously bad taste. Regardless of what has been done, there is no justification to excuse them. Ephesians 4:29-32.

    • Lorrie Sayer says

      I am truly upset to hear you say this. That is exactly how I feel. I have 4 kids & live next door. I do not appreciate the county putting us in this wait & see situation. They all know there is a problem. Nobody will accept the responsibility to step forward & actually do their job. The fire department was out here again last night. I am not sure what number trip that was since this article was written. Supposedly for smoke again! Unfounded calls. I guess we are the training area for the county in finding smoke! Before the fire trucks got here she was screaming at my husband while he was out with the dogs in my our back yard! I just don’t understand the way this county chooses to “serve & protect” it’s citizens. Actually help this individual who obviously needs assistance or allow her to continuously harass & abuse the county citizens & services? What is the problem here?

  12. ,”If what you say about him is true, you are backbiting him, but if it is not true then you have slandered him.” .
    Being Unitarian, I am well versed in many religions. The one theme that is central to all religions is kindness and extending that to others.
    I don’t know what the true situation is, and could care less. But, it seems as if there is an opportunity for growth. I hope that an amicable solution is reached for everyone involved to circumvent the hate that seems to be festering.

    • You would be well advised to focus less on “many religions” and more on the Bible in which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached. Unitarians believe in everything and thus nothing at the same time. Time to make a choice: For Christ or the “wisdom” of men.

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