February 27, 2021

Letter To The Editor: In rebuttal to ‘Let Them Pray’ (UPDATED)

To The Editor:

Your article regarding the Encounter Ministry was well written Russ and we can appreciate your point of view and perspective.

Just to be clear, we certainly don’t have any problems with a church being introduced into this community. If this was only a church being proposed we would not object.

As we understand it, the venue being proposed would include lodging, petting zoo, amphitheater ( this had been introduced on and off ), possible rv hook ups and would accommodate up to 300 people at any given time.

There have also been changes to the proposed plans to the point of confusion over what is actually going to be part of the venue.

There are a lot of concerns about having this type of property in an agricultural setting – to name a few – traffic, security, noise control, appropriately licensed counselors that can provide a safe environment for the residents that will be provided lodging.

The venue that is being proposed would be appropriate for a commercially zoned piece of property. There are many options of commercial  properties throughout heard county

To our knowledge no one opposing is doing so in a discriminatory manner against religion, race, age or otherwise.

It’s simply about the inappropriateness of the property for the type of venue being proposed. We pray that the final decision / vote be best for everyone involved

Andy and Susi Ethridge

Heard County, GA


  1. Emmett Jackson says

    I would like to see the source of your data. It goes against my experience but I may be mistaken.

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