July 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: In Support of the Mayor

Teresa Chapman is the most honest person I have ever known. She would NEVER do what she has been accused of and it breaks my heart to read the comments being posted about her. It only shows that you DO NOT KNOW her.

A little background information…. I have known Teresa for over 50 years, we lived next door to each other growing up, were in cribs next to each other in the nursery at church,and were in kindergarten through high school together. We have been there with each other through boyfriends, marriages, deaths, births of children, happy times and sad times. So I KNOW Teresa and love her.

Selfishly, wanting Teresa and her daughter Elizabeth to be closer to me I have tried for years to convince her to move back “home”, but Teresa has always said how much she loved the people and town of Franklin and she considered Franklin her home now.

So you can see how it hurts to read what people are posting when I have NEVER heard her say one unkind word about ANYONE in Franklin. Teresa loves Franklin.

I can remember her telephone calls to me talking about getting the 4th of July celebration started back up, one time talking about starting a Christmas parade, and trying to get grants for a walking trail and a playground. She was so excited every time she called.

I have been with Teresa at the Piggly Wiggly when she paid for a lady’s groceries. I was at Teresa’s house on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago when someone called and said they didn’t have money to buy presents for their children.

Teresa, Elizabeth & I went to the store and Teresa bought Christmas for three children. I have been at Teresa’s home numerous times when people would stop by unannounced to talk to her about a problem. She would stop whatever she was doing and listen like she had all the time in the world.

Same with phone calls, Teresa has always answered her phone and tried to help the people of Franklin, no matter where we were or what we were doing. Teresa’s heart and home have always been open to the citizens of Franklin.

Please people remember that in America, YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. The legal definition of indictment is “a written ACCUSATION charging that an individual named therein has committed an act”. It does not say that the individual is guilty, only that it is an accusation.

Was I with Teresa when she found out she had been indicted? No, but Elizabeth was with me Monday night when she received a phone call that the rumor was spreading around.

That is how Teresa AND Elizabeth found out. Why wasn’t Teresa properly notified? Why was someone named Brad Yates given this information before Teresa? Why wasn’t Mr. Massa privy to this information but yet Brad Yates was? These are questions that if I were a citizen of Franklin I would want answers to.

Teresa will have her day in court and you will get the answers to all the questions concerning her indictment. I ASSURE you that she will be found INNOCENT. The indictment is VERY vague, so don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions… there is more to the story that has not been unveiled but will be in court.

FYI: Her attorney is Virgil L. Brown. The city of Franklin is not “picking up the tab”.

Page Teel – (Sylacauga, Alabama)


  1. Mayor Chapman has only been accused. Not proven guilty. This is small town politics.Some people has not been satisfied since the election. So they have used their political power against Mayor Chapman.I hope Mayor Chapman will tell it all.That would be a new beginning in Franklin.

  2. Tim Massa says

    Thanks for your comments about Mayor Teresa, I have had the pleasure of getting to know her and can confirm your above comments. I know the same lady you described. Also agree with your other comments especially about Innocent until proven guilty. And I know that the editor of this on-line paper will strive to post only factual information and not spread gossip and or false charges. Hoping the best for Teresa.

  3. Treeshaka says

    Innocent until proven guilty applies only in the court of law. A person can be guilty of something, even though it has not been proven.

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