July 3, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Local Citizen expresses concerns about Federal Government

Dear Editor,

 As a citizen of Heard County I was wondering what some of our elected officials thought about the recent actions of our Federal Government.

The most important question I would like answered is would our Sheriff allow Federal Agents to walk into Heard County and enforce any unconstitutional law?

Many Sheriffs have sent letters to the White House informing them that any unconstitutional laws will not be enforced. The first and second amendments are great but what about the fourth… the “Right to be left Alone?”

The Patriot Act allows Federal Agents to write their own search warrants much like the Townsend Act. For those who don’t know the Townsend Act was legislation written by the British Parliament that allowed soldiers to write their own warrants so they could come into your house and look for the stamps from the 3% Stamp Tax.

When the KING tried to take America’s guns it started the Revolutionary War.  We cannot depend on tyrants hell-bent on power and wealth to protect us. The greatest attacks on our Freedom and LIBERTY have not come from a foreign attack…. it has come from our own government.

In 1776 – 1/3 of Americans supported the Revolution, 1/3 of Americans did not support the Revolution, &  1/3 of Americans did not Care.

Fast forward to today… Who could support a government that allows its own agents to write their own search warrants, ignores the constitution their sworn to protect, and regulates everything from the water pressure in your shower, to the size of the toilet bowl in your home, to the thickness of the leather in your shoes?

Who could possibly support a government that gives away half of the taxes it takes in, hasn’t passed a budget in four years, spends trillions of dollars more than it takes in, while assaulting your Freedoms and LIBERTIES in the name of Security?

I didn’t mean to rant and I’m not a threat to anyone but I feel like I’m not the only one thinking about these things.

Thank you for your time,

Brannon Gray

A Patriot From HC


  1. Outstanding write up. I’m sure many of us are thinking along the same lines. Maybe our sheriff will have an answer for us. Thank you Brannon for having the write up.

  2. What are you going to run for next Brannon?


  4. red montgomery says

    Congratulations on your public service award MR. RUSS MASSA! I believe that is a beginning of many more to come to you. You truly are a trail blazer of all peoples rights and up to date information. While you are an open atheist ,I believe GOD pushed you away from being too busy as a Heard County Commission Chairman so that you can pursue your path for the RIGHTS for ALL people.You are a great man and people beyond Heard County are beginning to know you! THANKS AGAIN RUSS MASSA! red

  5. Awesome commentary!!!!!

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