January 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Restaurant owner reaches out to Franklin voters

Dear Residents of Heard County:

First of all, I would like to begin by thanking each and every one of you that have visited our establishment, because without your support over the last three years, we wouldn’t be here today, and it is with the support and wishes of our loyal patrons that I write to you today expressing our desire to secure a liquor license at our establishment.

While we have mutually enjoyed a great atmosphere providing great food at great price, it is our intent to grow the business by adding an additional revenue stream through the sale of alcohol, which we believe will be as equally beneficial to us as the owners, our staff, and the community we serve.

As the owner of several other establishments that serve alcohol, as well as introducing alcohol sales previously in the city of Bowdon, I understand firsthand the responsibility that is associated with such an endeavor.

As with all of our establishments, the sale of alcohol to minors is strictly prohibited, with a zero tolerance policy.

Additionally, we intend to maintain our regular business hours in order to refrain from converting into a “bar” and keeping with our family-friendly core values, as well as to not disturb the peace and tranquilty of the city and surrounding residential areas.

Furthermore, I would like to point out the benefits of securing this license as we did in Bowdon. It was instrumental in attracting other restaurants, business ventures, and overall commerce to the city – a high tide raises all boats. Please join me in support of this vote on Nov 7.


Federico Gimenez

Owner of LocoMex On The River


  1. John Roberts says

    I have no problem with serving alcohol with meals in restaurants. I do not agree with the bar concept of serving alcohol to those who drive to the location for only drinking purposes. I have worked in both environments as well as emergency services as a Firefighter and Paramedic in locations like Palm Beach Florida, Fairburn, Ga, Atlanta,Ga and Franklin, Ga. The result of open Bars in communities is a negative one every time. One or two served with a meal is one thing. Many served beverages without food is another. Facts are Facts, We do not need Bars in Heard County. To be clear, having “snacks” available is not a meal. There will always be someone trying to twist the rules or find a way around them. Food must be ordered with alcohol. This needs to be looked at very thoroughly prior to acceptance. This is not going to bring any kind of quality revenue to Heard County and most likely will only add cost to the tax payers in extra emergency services demand increasing risk to our emergency personnel. What little revenue it will bring will go to a select few business owners. I hope Franklin and Heard County stands strong and does not let a few put pressure on them to do anything that will only harm our community. I offer this statement. IF this happens and we allow Bars to serve alcohol, I predict you will see more DUI arrests and more motor vehicle mishaps related to alcohol as well as an increase in domestic violence. Mark my words. If I am wrong I will apologize publicly. If I am right I would support every lawsuit any innocent citizen files for wrongful injury to themselves or their family member’s as a result of this. So restaurants serving alcohol, YES. Bars serving alcohol, NO.

  2. I️ agree we don’t need a full time bar it’s one thing to drink while you eat that’s fine . NO BAR

  3. Brenda smith says

    As for myself I prefer NO ALCOHOL, when it comes into play there is nothing good comes from it.

  4. Serving Alcohol would ba a negative impact on our community period. It’s one thing to drink in your own home but to promote drinking in public is just WRONG. I dint care how much food you have available.

  5. A lot of the younger generation frequents this establishment. They are just fine enjoying a meal with just a beer. You add shots into the mix, that’s just asking for trouble. I say leave well enough alone and preserve the integrity of small town life.

  6. By saying NO you are NOT stopping DUI’s, domestic violence, or more vehicle mishaps. People that want to drink alcohol will drive to other counties to drink, which will mean all the above would continue no matter what. If you think the kids and problem drinkers are not drinking in Heard County now you might need to get your eyes examined. At least in a restaurant it would be in a controlled environment. I truly love Heard County and the small town life and that’s why I moved back here, but open your eyes, people are going to drink so let’s take a little more control of it. I vote YES.

  7. Franklin needs to move into the 21st Century & out of the Mayberry concept. Liquor isn’t gonna stop people from drinking tons of beer to get to the same point. Allow the business to grow & stop being so narrow minded.

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