January 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Thankful Neighbors

(Centralhatchee) — The Lewis Family wishes to thank their Notnomis Road neighbors for helping track down their missing dog last week.

New to the community, “Tiger” strayed while out for a walk, and lost his bearings.

After a few hours and with stalwart patience and cooperation from some of our close neighbors, he was recovered.

Although we came calling rather late, y’all were key to us tracking down this Tiger on the loose.

Thank you for your help, and for reminding us of what a community we call home.

Jason, Janet, and Family


  1. Barbara White says

    This shows true love for your neighbor,encouraging to hear of the love from a community where I once was a part of and called my home over22yrs ago! Central hatched,you will always be home to me near and dear to my heart!Daughter of the late Neal& Lucille Cooper ~Yours truly Ms. Barbara Ann White~

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