July 10, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Waresville resident seeks community help

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to talk to the citizens of Heard County. I need your help! My name is Lorrie Sayer. I live at 1601 Highway 34 in the small community of Waresville.

Many of you may know me through the store that my father had operated here by my home. Or, you may know my husband who works for the Heard County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Steve Sayer. I have lived here for about six years or so.

I am almost positive that you have read the psychotic ramblings of my neighbor on her ridiculous “Fence of Shame” as we have lovingly named it. We have been accused of all sorts of absurd beliefs from meth labs to constant smoking of some type of “sulphur meat,” whatever that may be.

We have been visited by almost all of the government entities that could have been called to investigate all of these bogus accusations. We have not heard all of the results but from what we have heard there were not any findings that proved the beliefs held and called in by neighbor. This has gone on for over four years now.

However, my problem lies in the fact that our buildings continue to be shot. Not one time. Not two times. But, three times our buildings have been shot by a high powered rifle which seems to come from the vicinity of the corner of Sanders Road and Highway 34. This area also coincides with the area in which my neighbor lives.

I am asking if anyone has any information concerning this matter to please contact the Heard County Sheriff’s Department, The Heard Citizen, or myself. Whatever you are more comfortable with.

Our area seems to be under attack. The water main was previously shot. The buildings on our property have been shot. There was even a waterline to an adjacent property that has been cut. Meanwhile during this period there has been a report of someone looking in windows.

The individual who is responsible for all of these random acts of destruction and intimidation is obviously mentally disturbed and in dire need of psychological help. Please help my family as well as this community gain back control from this individual. Please come forward. Any information is appreciated.

Thank you for your help,

Lorrie Sayer


  1. Cynthia Keel says

    Lorrie, you certainly have my sympathy for having to deal with a deranged/mentally ill neighbor (unfortunately, education doesn’t necessarily make you smart OR sane). It sounds like someone needs to spend time doing some stealthy “night time” surveillance so this person can finally be caught. From what I have observed and read, this person is very close to being classified as a terrorist. The destruction of both personal property and county property needs to be dealt with immediately and stopped. I can’t believe that local authorities haven’t gotten more involved to put an end to all of this.

  2. Earlier this year I found a blog entitled “The Heard County Government’s Darkest Little Secret”. It was one of the most bizzar comentaries I have evre read. If you google it, you will see what the Sayers are dealing with.

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