January 24, 2022

Letter to the Editor: We The Braves

bannerfans_13454111To the Heard County Brave Nation:

First of all, let me say I really appreciate the way our Heard County fans come out and support our Heard County Braves football team.

The passion and enthusiasm for our team is truly evident not only at our home games at our road games where we on most every occasion bring more fans than the team we are facing. THIS IS AWESOME!

But friends last Friday night against Callaway in Lagrange,  I saw and heard some comments that just did not sit right with me at all.

I myself played for Heard County back in the mid 1970’s and my mind set is that in football, unlike any other sport, each generation of players join a fraternity in which all who have ever worn a Heard County Brave football jersey are teammates for life.

The hard work, blood shed, pain, long hours of practice, and other sacrifices bonds us all together for as long as Heard County football exists.

It is with this in mind that I would like to ask my fellow Heard County football fans to think about what I’m sharing and see if it makes sense to you.

At the game last Friday night when things weren’t going well I heard lots of people shouting things that were appalling to me.

We have a very young team this season and sure mistakes will be made especially this early in the season but now more than ever both our players and our coaches deserve our undivided support especially from those of you that have never even stepped onto a football field or any other athletic field in your life.

Our coaches especially have done such amazing things not just for our football team and football players, but our our entire community over the last decade or more and they deserve our respect always no matter if we go 10-0 or 0-10.

I just wanted to share this to say to my fellow fans how about let’s not shout out negative things even though they may be obvious from where we are sitting.

I know our coaches will have our Fighting Braves ready at the end of the year come playoff time. They are using these early non-region games (against very highly seeded teams and mostly from much larger schools), as a measuring stick to see what needs to be worked on to put the best team of 2014 Heard Fighting Braves on the field as possible come playoff time.

Our team does have many young players so let us help the coaches by letting them do the coaching and we as fans do our jobs to cheer, build up, and encourage our young men.

I promise you they will make us so proud to be Heard County football fans. Thank you for your time friends. (Photo Courtesy of Tricia Fercken)


Tim Massa

Class of 1978


  1. Tim Holtzclaw says

    Well stated my friend! Tim Holtzclaw Class of 1981

  2. Very well said. GO BRAVES!!!!!

    Also, please stay to the end of the game. It has to be a defeated feeling to still be on the field and see the fans pouring out of the stadium.

  3. Marianne Cole says

    I couldn’t agree more. Go Braves!!

  4. I think it says everything that folks are so upset starting 0-2 (against callaway and Fitzgerald) when before this coaching staff got here we were setting state records by going 0-11. This community couldn’t spell “region championship” before this staff showed up in Franklin. Regardless of record, I found lifelong mentors, father figures, and friends in this coaching staff. If Heard County can get this upset over starting 0-2 then that tells me this staff has done an amazing job in our community. Our players have played well at times this season, it just hasn’t came together yet. Last year Heard County took the defending state champions to the last second and didn’t even score on Callaway to start the season. Franklin, Georgia I promise you this is going to be a special group. Just be patient! And I would like to personally thank this staff for everything they’ve done for me over the years.

  5. Joann Paschal says

    well said ! Joann class of 1971

  6. Very well said. As a parent of a 9th grade starter, it is also very disheartening to sit amongst so called fans who says they are there to support our Braves yet they lash out negatively. I was an athlete in Heard and also remember feeling down many times because of comments I heard. It was hard last night hearing “boo’s” from fans who sat beside me when coaches made a call. Glad I’m a peaceful person. I’m good though, my son works extremely hard even up sometimes until 1am trying to perfect his game in his head. We have some kids who go hard in practice and on game day so let’s support and respect regardless of the outcome!

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