July 23, 2021

Letters to the Editor

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  1. Beautiful page, very eye pleasing. CONGRATS

  2. kim winzer says

    wow russ very impressed, awesome, congrats

  3. Me thinks someone found their calling!

  4. Aubrey woods says

    hey russ, very good site! but u should add somethin, MTV made, is suppost to be coming to heard county, idk when, but soon, i sent in an application for it, wish me luck on makin the show!

  5. Randy Bryan says

    Dear Editor
    Where’s the Money
    As you know we will be voting on the splost November 8. I urge everyone to vote against it. The things the powers to be listed to use the money on are just like the employee handbook they have, it could mean anything to anyone. The powers to be will use the money how they see fit. If you are ok with letting them use your money, let them raise the taxes,,, at least they will have to account for it by voting on what to spend it on,,, if you vote yes to Splost you are giving the unknown keepers of the money a blank check,,,, they use fear to make you vote yes,,,, make the unknown keepers of the money known,,, vote no to splost. if they raise taxes they know we will be watching ,,, and that is what they fear,,,, vote no
    Thank you for reading this.

    • I have to agree with Randy, Vote No!!! To give us the opportunity to vote on the SPLOST is one thing but to include a one for all vote to include “The Debt” is another. I would like some clarification on why we supposedly published what looked like a balanced budget to the public, that included funding for most if not all the projects listed on this “The Debt”, why would/should the citizens allow almost one-third of the SPLOST fund to be used as a “padding” to the Countys’ budget. I think it should be voted on separately and that “WE” the Citizens of Heard Co. be allowed to vote on its usage if “something” were to come up in the future that required its use. I think the instilled fear of either you vote this in or we could be forced to raise land taxes is a ploy as you said to get things like this passed. I have heard it said that not many will get out and vote…..Please People of Heard County, Pay attention Or You may just pay your hard earned money out in the long run instead!

  6. HeardCitizen.com rocks!! For that matter, Russ Massa rocks! 🙂

  7. Trina Hannah says


    I’m proud of you this is one amazing paper online that is easy to read I love the lay-out. I always knew you would be an amazying journalist you have found your true calling! Keep up the good work I know you spend countless hours and so much of you time dedicated to our community and getting the facts straight to the people. Thank you from all of our kids and our community!!

    Looking forward to staying in touch with the HeardCitizen.com weekly!!

    Trina Hannah

  8. Concerned Citizen says

    I disagree with Mr. Bryan. The sales tax is the ONLY tax everyone pays! Why shift the burden to the property owners? By raising property taxes, the people who rent get free services! There are no “unknown keepers of the money” its the cities-Ephesus, Centralhatchee, and Franklin as well as the County and everybody knows who is on the councils and the boards! If you actually read the ballot in the paper there are projects listed-resurfacing roads, equipment, new facilities-these councils/boards can’t “use the money as they see fit” they have to follow the guide set by the referendum. Do some research Mr. Bryan-express your opinion as “your opinion” and not as fact!

  9. Why don’t they pave Pea-Ridge Road, that is the only short access we have to Franklin from the east side of Hwy 34 when it floods between the Elementary School and town.

    I also don’t understand whey counties in this state don’t take abandoned properties ( that I know taxes can’t be being made on) and sell the properties for tax purposes. I see all kinds of abandoned trailers, houses, and properties around all the time.

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