December 2, 2020

Life and Favor: Revived

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Heard Citizen is pleased to announce the addition of a new blogger, Kathy Pollard, to our faith and values section. Kathy resides in Colorado and is married to former Heard Student and Pulpit Minister at Bear Valley Church of Christ Neal Pollard. Kathy’s blog is called Life and Favor. We will be sharing her blog entries regularly here at We would like to thank Kathy for sharing her thoughts with us here at our site.)

 “I thank God for my salvation, made possible through the gift of His Son.  I thank God for my husband, Neal, who is so generous with his love.  And I thank God for my three sons, Gary, Dale, and Carl, who keep me bent over in laughter and on my knees in prayer.  Striving to make this house a home, my prayer is that everything I do will help my family live someday in that Eternal Home.”~Kathy Pollard.


Had I seen these rocking chairs when by myself, I would’ve passed them by.  They looked worn and dreary to me.  But my friend Sheryl, who has the ability to see potential, pointed them out.  So I purchased the chairs for $2.99 each.

Thrift Store Rockers!

The plan was simple:  sand and paint.  I picked out a paint color the same day and envisioned getting the project done in one afternoon.

Ha!  Even with all of my guys pitching in, it took several days just to complete the sanding process. And then it took a couple more days to give the chairs two coats of Dolphin Gray paint.

We think the time and elbow grease paid off.  The chairs have been revived and now add a welcoming touch to our front porch.  Neal and I have already passed some time there drinking coffee together.

I’m so thankful that God sees the potential in all of us.  We might find ourselves feeling worn and weary because of past mistakes or sins.  But our God makes all things new (2 Cor. 5:17)!

We might find ourselves in a spiritual rut, lacking enthusiasm for Christian fellowship or desire to save souls.  But our God is able to revive us in His service (Psa. 51:12)!

The word revive means “to return to life; become active or flourishing again; to restore from a depressed, inactive, unused state” (Merriam-Webster).

It might take some time, and it might take some elbow grease (a.k.a.refining), but God can restore those who turn back to Him.

Prayer for today:  ”Revive us again.  Fill each heart with Thy love.  May each soul be rekindled with fire from above.”

Front Porch Rockers


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