December 5, 2020

Little ladies raise money for kids with cancer

Two young ladies from Heard County have spent a lot of time this summer working on a project to help brighten the lives of some children with cancer.

9-year-old Tyler Reeves and her younger sister, 6-year-old Rylee, both students at Ephesus Elementary School, have been very resourceful while working on a fundraiser for Camp Sunshine, a camp located in Decatur that enriches the lives of Georgia’s children with cancer and their families through recreational, educational and support programs.

The girls have been painting and selling rocks while donating the proceeds to the camp. The children set a lofty goal to raise $1000 in order to send two children to the camp and they have almost reached the goal already having raised over $900 so far.

Tyler and Rylee’s grandmother, Hazel Reeves, first learned about Camp Sunshine through a friend and teamed with the girls on the painted rock idea. The girl’s lost their grandfather after a long bout with lung cancer.

Wayne Reeves passed away in 2010 from a heart attack just one day after taking his last treatment for the cancer. “I just know Wayne would have really liked what the girls are doing,” said Hazel Reeves.

6-year-old Rylee (L) and 9-year-old Tyler Reeves have raised enough money this summer to send two children with cancer to Camp Sunshine in Decatur, GA.

6-year-old Rylee (L) and 9-year-old Tyler Reeves have raised enough money this summer to send two children with cancer to Camp Sunshine in Decatur, GA.

The girls have gathered most of the rocks from around the family farm and come up with several different designs. “We just started doing some Heard County Braves rocks, but our most popular design has been our sunshine design,” said Tyler.

According to young Rylee, a polka dot design has also been popular. The girls request a minimum $10 donation for one of the rocks and anyone interested in purchasing one to help Camp Sunshine can call 770-854-8229. “We also could use some really good flat rocks if anyone would like to donate those to us,” said Tyler.

The guiding principles Camp Sunshine is committed to and focused on include: Providing opportunities for normal development for all children with cancer throughout their journey, Promoting individual growth, self-confidence, and normal life experiences for children with cancer and their families, and bringing together those with similar experiences, to share those experiences and draw strength from one another amid that common understanding.

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  1. Betty Huckeba says

    Good luck girls, Aunt Betty in Indianapolis!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and donating! My daughter, age 10 went to camp for the first time this year after being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in April. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Hazel Reeves says

      I hope that camp was a wonderful experience for your daughter. Clee’s daughter will be on my prayer list. My granddaughters reached their individual goals and then added $600.00 more to their final “rock sales”. Their venture was blessed by the Good Lord because everyone was so wonderful about buying a rock and asking questions about Camp Sunshine.

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