October 24, 2021

Local artist releases music video filmed in Franklin

Josh Purgason recently filmed a new slasher style music video on the Walking Trail in Franklin. Pictured above L-R are director Charles Hudgins, Purgason, and the “Killer” Matt Hunter (Photo: Josh Purgason)

(Franklin, GA) — A local musician has released a video that he filmed recently in Franklin.

Indie/pop/alternative musician Josh Purgason released the video via his facebook fan page on Saturday.

The slasher movie inspired video for the single “Airwaves” was shot entirely on the Franklin Walking Trail and directed by Purgason’s fellow local artist Charlie Hudgins.

Airwaves is the second single released from Purgason, a West Georgia area artist, and the song has received airplay from college stations and landed at #3 of Top 15 Songs Of The Summer presented by Atlanta’s 99X.

Purgason describes the sound as sprinkled with an infectious bass groove that busts into a huge chorus with airy guitars.

He was excited to release the video to celebrate the one year anniversary of the single’s release and just in time for Halloween.

“Recorded by Bryan Carter, the song itself was a bit of a work-out with time signatures changing between verse/chorus; the end result however, was lighting in a bottle,” says Purgason.

According to his website, Purgason was inspired to pursue an acoustical career following the end of a relationship and the loss of his job.

“Fall of 2016 found me at a loss. Seven year relationship — over. My job — lost. My band — finished. I knew each one of those aspects of my life were well past their expiration date, yet I hung on because I’m guilty of confusing love with familiarity. It all finally ended at once, like a domino effect. I was left with a feeling of loneliness,” Purgason writes.

“The only thing left of me were the tools for reformation. Screaming from the corner of my bedroom wall was an acoustic with strings rusted and used; aching to be strummed and brought back to life. So much the rugged strings and I had in common. This was the reasoning for all else that ended. I found new love in the melodies that hit me like Summer wind.”

Purgason performs regularly in the West Georgia and Atlanta areas. To learn more about his upcoming appearances visit Josh Purgason on Facebook.


  1. Cool video! I’m just wondering, where is this thing called the “Franklin Walking Trail” ?

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