December 5, 2020

Local Body Shop Changes Ownership

(Franklin) — Well it’s official as of this summer, Budget Paint and Body Works is now Platinum Body Werks, Inc. under the proud new ownership of Brad Manders — Better service and a cooler name with a quicker turn around on collision repair for our customers!

I would like to personally thank each and every customer I have had the pleasure of serving over the last 18 years!

In small business every job you take in counts so much to the families that depend on this shop! This community has blessed me more than I have ever dreamed possible!

When I started out in my mom and dad’s back yard in 1997 most of my friends and family told me I was crazy! They told me that I needed to just go get a job — that Heard County was not the place to open a business.

I didn’t believe that. I had faith in this little one red light town so I pushed on anyway. Car by car and wreck by wreck we grew into a million dollar company from the awesome and loving support of this little “one red light town” and I never looked back.

All I ever wanted was to own a body shop and make cars beautiful, my wish came true and now it’s time to let my little brother live his dream of doing the same thing.

With that said I would like to ask this “one red light town” to give Brad the loving support it showed me for so many years and help him grow this business even further than he could imagine, and just like they told me, friends are telling Brad to just go get a job — But he is just like me and doesn’t listen too well!  God bless each and every one!


Shane Manders

Werks Logo“I’m already feeling the love and support! I’m excited and blessed to have the opportunity to continue my dream of repairing the cars that travel under our “one red light”.  

Painting and repairing cars has been my life long passion. I’m looking forward to continue to take care of our customers for the next 18 years and on! So y’all show me some love and thank y’all!”  ~ Brad Manders

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