November 24, 2020

Local company teams up with the ‘Save Homeless Veterans’ organization

(Carrollton, GA) –For the month of May, Addison Smith teamed up with the ‘Save Homeless Veterans’ foundation to raise money for their cause.

For every system purchased we donated $100.00, for every service call made we donated $25.00 and for every worry free service agreement sold/renewed we donated $10.00.

We are proud to say that with the help of our great community, we are writing them a check today for $3,575.00!

While there are services to help military veterans, many returning troops still face homelessness and chronic unemployment.

Jason Cannon, Jeff Dollar, SHV Director of Public Affairs John Rocker, Martin Pool, Ben Williams

Jason Cannon, Jeff Dollar, SHV Director of Public Affairs John Rocker, Martin Pool, Ben Williams

Nationwide, there are 26,531 homeless vets from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone, a number that has doubled over the past several years.

However, a new, private faith-based charity is standing up for them. ‘Save Homeless Veterans‘ is emerging as a source of personal support, offering Christian counseling, housing, medical care and financial education; we at Addison Smith fully support their efforts and are proud to have been able to donate to such a worthy cause.

We look forward to working with the ‘Save Homeless Veterans’ foundation in the future.

In a recent interview of John Rocker by WND, the former major league pitcher and director of public affairs for Save Homeless Veterans shared the moving stories of some veterans who came from the streets with nothing, but through the charity have earned homes, jobs and a new chance at making civilian life work.

“When Save Homeless Veterans first reaches out to a veteran, those service members are facing an array of challenges,” said Rocker, also a columnist for WND. “We give them the tools to find self-worth, achieve and be productive.”

Rocker described the many issues such as PTSD, drugs, and alcohol that have prevented many veterans from re-integrating to civilian life.

“The first thing we do is get them off the street and get them into a safe place, then start dealing with the issues of why they became homeless,” Rocker said.

SHV Mission

Excitement is in the air – we can’t wait for our soldiers to return home! But after the initial enthusiasm, when the photo ops and news coverage ends, we return back to our homes and our routines.

This is when the American soldier falls between the cracks and we forget about their long road home. Certain studies show that one in every four homeless are veterans.

The mission of Save Homeless Veterans, Inc. is to facilitate the immediate and long-term needs of returning American soldiers with assistance in accessing their VA benefits and help to find housing.

SHVFurther, educational evaluations, medical assessments, resume writing, job placement and financial literacy are available to empower these soldiers as they make the transition back into civilian life. We at SHV will honor God, country and our American soldier.

Save Homeless Veterans, Inc. is a Christian Faith based non profit. We prove our support to our soldiers in tangible, measurable ways. Through Save Homeless Veterans, each supporter is adopting a soldier, and giving back with graciousness and appreciation for their sacrifices.

Empowerment begins the moment dignity is restored. Involvement begins the moment a caring American sponsors a soldier.

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