March 4, 2021

Local Election Day Preview for Heard County

(Franklin, GA) — The polls will be open from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM tomorrow at all six Heard County election day polling locations as Heard County decides on candidates in several important county political races.

(Click here for the addresses of each Heard County polling location)

The most important race will be for Heard County Commission Chair as Republican incumbent Lee Boone takes on first time chair candidate Keri Denney.

Boone has held the chair position since the beginning of 2013, and Denney most recently serve as the commissioner for District 2 before resigning on January 29 to seek the higher office. Denney had served as District 2 Commissioner since 2015.

Denney stepping down from the D2 position sets up a special election in District 2 that will see three Republican candidates vying for the new opening — Julie Akers, Ken Lawler, and James Perry.

This will be James Perry’s second time running for the District 2 seat. He was narrowly defeated 179-142 by Denney in 2018. Akers and Lawler are each first time D2 candidates.

Of special note in District 2 is an unusual special election circumstance where both Democratic and Republican voters will decide the D2 race between the three Republicans.

(Click here to view sample ballots by district and party)

The District 1 seat on the Board of Commissioners will also up for grabs as Republican incumbent Larry Hooks takes on Republican challenger Matt Dean. Hooks has held the D1 seat since 2013 while Dean is also a former commissioner.

In District 3, incumbent Gwen Caldwell is unopposed.

In the race for Heard County Tax Commissioner, Republican incumbent Dianne Watson is facing a challenge from first time Republican candidate Amanda Bailey.

Watson has held the position since 2016 when she replaced the Sandra Nolen following her retirement. Watson did not face opposition in the 2015 election.

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In the Sheriff’s race, incumbent Ross Henry is unopposed as is incumbent Coronor Kathie Buchanan.

In other courthouse positions, Joseph Bledsoe (Probate Judge), Brenda Jennings (Magistrate Judge), and Tammie Teal (Clerk of Superior Court) are all running without opposition.

The only non-partisan Heard County school board race is between District 4 incumbent Greg Holcomb and newcomer Sammy March. Holcomb has held the D4 seat since replacing the retiring Tim Holtzclaw in August of 2016.

Greg Holcomb ran unopposed in the 2016 election and actually took office a few months earlier by appointment to fill the seat already vacated by Holtzclaw. Sammy Marsh is a first time candidate.

Incumbent Mike Crockett is running unopposed for the District 2 school board seat.

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For other local election information visit Heard County Board of Elections and Registration page at the Heard County website.

Heard County Commission Chair

Lee Boone (R) (Incumbent)

Keri Denney (R)

County Commissioner, District 1

Larry Hooks (R) (Incumbent)

Matt Dean (R)

County Commissioner, District 2 (Special)

Julie Akers (R)

Ken Lawler (R)

James Perry (R)

Tax Commissioner

Dianne Watson (R) (Incumbent)

Amanda Bailey (R)

Board of Education, District 4 (NP)

Greg Holcomb (Incumbent)

Sammy Marsh

County Commissioner, District 3

Gwen Caldwell (R) (Incumbent)

Clerk of Superior Court

Tammie Teal (R) (Incumbent)


Kathie Buchanan (R) (Incumbent)

Judge of Probate Court (NP)

Joseph P. Bledsoe (Incumbent)


Ross Henry (R) (Incumbent)

Chief Magistrate

Brenda Jennings (R) (Incumbent)

Board of Education, District 2 (NP)

Mike Crockett (Incumbent)

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