January 23, 2022

Local Family Contestants On Family Feud Game Show

(Franklin) — Crystal Rood, a local resident from Franklin recently moved here last September from Roopville where her and her family have lived for 14 years. Crystal and her family were recently picked as family contestants to play on the game show Family Feud.

Crystal stated how they became a contestant on the show. “It all started when a few family members and friends went to watch a taping of Family Feud in Atlanta in fall of 2012.

After leaving that day we decided to get some of our family together to audition for the show. Pam Kierbow, my sister, Bonnie Smith, my niece, Barry Christopher, my nephew and my daughter Tiffani Chambers all got together to create a 3 minute video and send it via email to Family Feud producers, also we signed up online to receive an invitation to participate in a live audition. These are the requirements for auditioning on Family Feud.

We received an email for the live audition for May 9th 2013. We went to the audition and played a mock game and did a fab job according to one of the producers. We still didn’t know if we made it or not. The producers told everyone at the audition to watch your mailbox for a post card letting us know if we made it. Ten days into the waiting we received our post card. WE MADE IT!

One of the producers gave us a call for all the necessary info, rules and regulations, clothing requirements and overall workings of participating on the game show. There are lots and lots of rules you have to follow.

Pictured above are Tatum family players Bonnie Smith, Crystal Rood, Host, Steve Harvey, Pam Kierbow, Barry Christopher and Tiffani Chambers

Pictured above are Tatum family players Bonnie Smith, Crystal Rood, Family Feud Host Steve Harvey, Pam Kierbow, Barry Christopher and Tiffani Chambers

We were scheduled for July 2013. We coordinated our clothes, played mock games, went over our introductions, went over the rules several times. We were ready to play. We got a phone call a week before we were to tape our show. We had been cancelled.  Steve Harvey had gotten sick and they were  having to push all their show contestants to the next taping days.

Producers assured us that we would get on the show; maybe not this year but maybe the next. He told me to just hang on to the hope and that they really liked our family. Of course, we were all very disappointed but we were still holding out for a family to cancel or something.  Lo and behold I got a call a week later saying that extra days for taping had been added. We were scheduled for the last day of taping for the year in August 2013. Wow, what pressure!

We arrived the day of and walked into a room of many, many families. They have extra families scheduled just in case someone doesn’t do well during the real taping. So, you’re still not quite sure if you will ever make it on TV.

We were wearing all our coordinated outfits for the producers to approve of the choices we made, but just in case we were told to bring extra outfits and we were responsible for our own hair and makeup. They approved, whew, first hurdle done.

We were put into a holding room and they went over all the rules again. We were told not to communicate with anyone else outside of this room. Nor were we to communicate with any of the audience and our cell phones were not to be used for the duration of the day or we would be disqualified. We then started the process of live auditions in front of the camera to see if the camera liked us.

Win or lose; we had to be lively and in general good game player’s. YAY! we made it. Then back into the holding room. We were given instructions again and told that we were going to be placed in the audience to watch some of the taping, but be prepared as any of the families left could be chosen to play next.

We watched the taping and cheered right along with the audience. But we could only talk to each other. No eye contact or communication with any audience or possible guests we brought with us that day. We were escorted everywhere; we were never left alone. We watched as family after family played the game. It was getting close to the end of taping. They escorted the remaining 4 families (which included us) to another holding room. We were watching the show on a monitor with no sound.

One of the producers came in and said that only one taping remained and he was going to announce the final two participating families. Our hearts started beating like crazy as we looked at each other. We held hands and bowed our heads to pray. He said he was sorry to all of us but they had to pick the ones that they thought would be a good fit for the show. He said “Would the following families please follow me very quietly and the rest of you need to stay in this room and thanks for your patience.”

Dramatic pause, then he said the first family name, it wasn’t ours.  Then, we squeezed our hands even harder and he said “TATUM FAMILY,” that’s us! We used our maiden name of TATUM to honor our mother, VivaDon Tatum from Jackson Georgia that LOVED game shows.  She would have been so proud to see us on the show. We were instructed and quickly put on our name badges and were escorted on stage.  Pictures were taken, we were given water and more instructions.  Then the music started we were about to play Family Feud.  The introduction started and out came Steve Harvey.  Very quickly we were in game mode.

 I can’t tell you the outcome, you will just have to watch the show that’s airing May 21st @ 7:00 pm on WUPA.  It will also re-run on Sept. 5, 2014 @ 7:30pm on WUPA.” (Courtesy of the Times~Journal)




  1. How awesome is this!!! Thanks for adding my story.

  2. Wylene Spearman says

    AWESOME I’m a Steve Harvey Family Feud Fan! GOOD LUCK! Win that 20,000!!!

  3. Steve Harvey is the best Family Feud host ever!!!

  4. We sent in an audition video and got an email
    To come to the live auditions this Sunday. The email said business casual. Should we be wearing bright colors like they do on the show..? Or can we wear more trendy attire.

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