January 17, 2022

Local Family Needs Help

would-you-help-a-family-in-need(Franklin) — Finding the right resources that provide help for cancer patients is a daunting task. Cancer patients have many medical expenses, but also additional expenses outside of doctor bills. Just traveling back and forth to the doctor visits can be costly on a fixed income.

That is the case involving Larry Price in Franklin. Price had the big garden stop on Mary Johnson Drive and grew rattlesnake green beans, tomatoes and vegetables for many people in the community.

Mr. Price battled colon cancer in 1997 and beat the odds. On July 14th has once again been diagnosed with cancer. He is traveling back and forth to Carrollton at least three days a week for chemo treatment.

Mrs. Velma Price his wife stated, “It’s been like a bad dream, we buried our son Damon Blair on July 11 and three days later Larry has been given only a year to live.”

Both are seniors living in Franklin on a fixed income.

The family is in need of your prayers; they also need help with gas to get back and forth to Carrollton to the doctor visits. Any help would be appreciated. Mrs. Price asked if anyone could help with the yard work (cutting the grass) Larry is unable to do it at this time.

If you know of any services that could help this family or anyone wishing to help please call the Price home at 706-675-3444 or make donations to Mrs. Velma Price, 990 Mary Johnson Drive, Franklin, GA.

(Courtesy of the Times~Journal)

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