December 1, 2015

Local Firefighter Uses Jaws of Life to Rescue Kitten

“Franklin” is looking much healthier this week after being rescued last Thursday

(Franklin) — The community of Franklin now has a new namesake feline after a small kitten was rescued from a storm drain last week near Dollar General.

The four-week-old male kitten is faring much better this week thanks to some local good samaritans.

Carrie Stryker first noticed the kitten, which she has now dubbed “Franklin,” last Thursday afternoon when she stopped at Subway for lunch. She returned that evening to try and locate the injured stray.

“I saw how bad of shape the kitten was in, and after thinking about it all day, I decided I had to go back that evening and try to get him some help,” Stryker said. She was able to find the kitten but it ended up in the storm drain near the busy parkway.

Stryker, who works as a technician with a large animal veterinarian recognized that Franklin was in rough shape.

“He fell in to the drain trying to get away from me, and he is very neurological and was unable to climb out. He was so sick and dehydrated,” she said. “I laid on my stomach on the road for two hours feeding him canned cat food from the end of a stick. “

Lieutenant Tino Brooks of the Franklin Police Department arrived on the scene and after finding out why Stryker was hugging the asphalt near the storm drain, he called the Heard County Fire Department in to lend assistance.

Heard County firefighter John Murray was able to use the Jaws of Life to open the sewer drain and ultimately save Franklin.

“I took him to the vet Friday afternoon and he had multiple infected puncture wounds from being attacked by another animal,” Stryker said. “He’s getting formula, antibiotics, his wounds are being flushed, and he is becoming happier and healthier every day.”

After she fully nurses him back to health, the animal lover is hoping to adopt the kitten out to a good home. Stryker picked the name “Franklin” to honor all those that helped in the rescue.

(Editor’s Note: If you are interested in providing Franklin a loving forever home email for more infomation)

Pictured above (L-R): Heard County Firefighter John Murray, Carrie Stryker, and Lieutenant Tino Brooks of the Franklin Police Department

Pictured above (L-R): Heard County Firefighter John Murray, Carrie Stryker, and Lieutenant Tino Brooks of the Franklin Police Department


  1. Awesome story ! You have some really great folks in Franklin. Makes my heart melt knowing that people have a heart like me for animals. That kitten “Franklin” is just precious beyond words <3

  2. kim Payne says:

    Touching story but that kitten is older than 4 weeks! Lol

  3. yes there are some great people in Franklin

  4. Carrie Stryker says:

    He is 5 to 6 weeks old now. The pic on the top is taken almost a week after the rescue. He weighed one pound 1 ounce when I took him to the vet the following day.

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