November 29, 2020

Local Job Seekers Await the Opening of Plasti-Paint Facility

The much anticipated arrival of a new manufacturing company in the Franklin Industrial Park is growing closer with the expected opening early next year of Plasti-Paint.

The St.Louis, Michigan based company was founded in 1990 and currently operates two other plants including the Michigan headquarters as well as an additional plant in Dewitt, Iowa.

The most exciting news for Heard County residents will be the availability of up to 60 new jobs within the next several months. In fact, the company has already begun to take applications online through Randstad Staffing in Carrollton.

Newly hired plant manager, Marty Waldowski, told us in an interview last week that the plans are to hire as many Heard County applicants as possible although he did emphasize that the more technically qualified positions would be filled by the most talented and experienced workers available.

He stated that hundreds of applications have already been taken but emphasized that all who apply throughout the hiring phase will be equally considered.

“We hope that about 70% of our overall work force will be hired and trained from with-in. We plan to offer a very competitive wage and we intend to be here in Franklin for the long haul,” stated Waldowski.

The plant manager also stressed the immediate need for applicants with prior experience in industrial painting. He stated that two of the biggest job openings he needed to fill are that of a quality manager and a robot technician.

Primarily the plant will be painting automotive luggage racks which will be shipped over from JAC Products (Franklin Aluminum).

The plant is located at the site of the old Jaxon Filtration building (originally about 17,000 square feet) at 12991 Ga Highway 34 just east of the square in Franklin. The complex has now been expanded to a total of 67,000 square feet.

Waldowski told us that if all goes as planned an expansion of an additional 20,000 square feet is possible in the future. As of now the location is still under construction with only the construction workers and a minimal supervisory staff on hand.

What does Plasti-Paint Do? “The name says it all.  Plasti-Paint specializes in advanced painting of plastic parts and components.  Plasti-Paint services dozens of clients across a wide variety of industries including: automobile, agricultural, and recreational vehicle. Plasti-Paint’s state-of-the-art facilities can accommodate parts for a variety of interior and exterior applications, including complex shapes, metallics, and a full range of sizes.”Plasti-Paint Website

Waldowski estimates that the plant should be up and running sometime in February or March. He expects to employ both a day and night shift although it may take several weeks for the operation to reach full capacity.

In a press release issued by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal in July, Plasti-Paint President Dave Bacon emphasized the role that the Heard County Development Authority played in the selection of Franklin as home to its third plant. “The Heard County Development Authority was key to our site selection in Franklin. Authority director Julie Pope along with Chairman Emmitt Harrod and the entire development board has worked extremely hard in finding ways to make this expansion possible,” stated Bacon.

In addition to being very thankful for the influx of new jobs to the area, Pope stated that she is very excited that some of the Plasti-Paint management have decided to live right here in the area.

Waldowski, Tom Mizer (Maintenance Manager), and Jennifer Hopkins (Production Control) have all taken up residence right here in Heard County.

Anyone who may be interested in a job is encouraged to visit Randstad Staffing of Carrollton either in person or online to fill out an application.

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