November 29, 2020

Local law enforcement officer being hailed as a hero

(Franklin, GA) — A local resident and law enforcement officer is being hailed a hero after his quick thinking and swift action likely may have saved a young boy’s life.

Charles Israel, a resident of Franklin and Detective with the Fairburn Police Department was working security outside a grocery store in Fairburn, GA Monday evening when he spotted the child (approximate age 3 or 4) about to be backed over by a pickup truck.

Israel was able to snatch the toddler up before he was backed over by the driver who never saw the boy or Israel.

The detective was interviewed Thursday by 11-Alive News in Atlanta about the moment that would likely have gone unnoticed if not for an anonymous bystander that thanked the 48-year-old detective after the incident and later phoned the Fairburn Police Department to commend his good deed.

The grainy surveillance video from outside the grocery store, shared by both 11-Alive and the department’s facebook page, shows that Israel jumped in at just the right time.

“Wasn’t going to let it happen,” Detective Charles Israel told 11-Alive News. “Scared the heck out of me — glad I was in the right place at the right time.”

Israel told reporters it was a frightening moment.

“Terrified I was about to see a child get run over was all I could think of,” Israel said. “The bumper was right at the back of the child when I grabbed him – less than a foot, mere inches,” he said.

The driver of the pickup truck never saw the boy due to foggy rear windows.

“I just wanted to call in and tell him that we appreciate him in the community of Fairburn and that was a good deed that he did,” the anonymous caller said.

A humble Israel says the anonymous woman’s gesture meant more than he could have asked for. “I loved it, it made me feel good,” he said.

Israel has resided in Franklin for about five years and is a 22-year veteran of law enforcement with both the Fairburn and East Point Police Departments.

Both of his daughters attended Heard County schools in the past, and Israel remains a big supporter of Heard County Brave Nation, often attending various school and sporting events. Israel was also one of the candidates in last year’s special city council election.

Many positive comments about Israel’s heroic act and his long time service to the south Atlanta community were shared via social media this week.

“Detective Israel is an awesome officer. He is a professional always on point and always kind,” said Andrew Price via facebook. “He is truly one of Fairburn’s finest and just a good, solid and now everyone knows, brave man.”


  1. Robert Montgomery says

    Thank you sir for your service to our lives! Let’s SUPPORT THE POLICE, FIRE, AND EMS! I love the RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

  2. Thank you, officer!! God Bless you!’

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