October 6, 2015

Local man arrested in Troup County

Courtesy of lagrangenews.com

Zackery Battles

Zackery Battles

(Lagrange, GA) – A former detention officer was arrested after an investigation discovered he was allegedly delivering cell phones and marijuana to an inmate.

Drug Agents with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office arrested Troup County Correctional Institute (TCI) detention officer Zackery Battles, 18, from Franklin after supervisors and drug agents got word from an inmate of Battles’ contraband exchanges.

According to Investigator Chad Traylor, an inmate had came forward and told a TCI supervisor that another inmate was being given marijuana and cell phones by Battles. After being interviewed by the investigators, Battles admitted to giving an inmate the phones and marijuana because he said that he was running into money problems and needed the money.

Three cell phones were recovered, but no marijuana was recovered.

Battles was arrested on Feb. 15, just one week after he had graduated from TCI’s training academy, on charges of crossing guard lines with drugs and giving contraband to inmate.


  1. Ruined his whole career in law enforcement!

  2. skipped ethics class, did we?

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