August 1, 2021

Local Mother and Daughter Team Up to Walk Over Breast Cancer

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure will take place in Atlanta on October 21st-23rd and this time will feature a local mother-daughter team in the mix.

Assistant Heard school superintendent Marianne Cole and her daughter Christina (a Heard High Junior) will be walking together to raise money for the foundation.

Proceeds from the 3-Day for the Cure fund innovative global breast cancer research and local community programs supporting education, screening, and treatment. Virtually every major advance in the fight against breast cancer in the last 28 years has been impacted by a Komen for the Cure grant.

The Citizen recently interviewed Marianne and asked about  her primary motivation for taking on this major physical endeavor where participants walk a total of 60 miles in just three days. This is what she had to say:

“Growing up my Aunt Deborah was one of my favorites. Aunt Deb was the kind of lady who knew who she was and made no apologies for it. When I was about six she moved with her family to North Georgia and from then on one of my favorite times was when we would be able to go and visit with her, my Uncle Jerry, and my cousins. 

Aunt Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was in college. She fought a long battle but eventually the cancer spread and could not be contained. Aunt Deb passed away in 1998 (the week after the birth of my youngest son).

She’s been gone 13 years and I still miss her.Aunt Deb wasn’t a “girly girl” and she helped me to understand that about myself. She was one of the most confident and comfortable in her skin women I have ever known and she inspired me in more ways than I can explain. 

This fall my family and I spent a good bit of time in North Georgia with my Uncle Jerry.Maybe because of that, I had been thinking about Deb a lot when I began seeing the advertisement on TV for The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I thought “I can do that.” Aunt Deb would have thought that was pretty cool.

My daughter Christina is a lot like Aunt Deb.  She’s always been so confident and comfortable in her own skin. It’s a trait of hers I admire most. I’m so proud that she wanted to walk with me and it’s fitting that she join me to walk in memory of a lady she reminds me of in many ways. 

Breast cancer has touched so many people’s lives. I began this journey as a personal one, as a way to remember someone who meant so much to me. As others learned about me walking they have shared their own stories and it’s been a really special experience already.

I can’t wait to be at The 3-Day and meet others and hear their stories.Christina and I are currently in a 16-week training program.We are training six days a week to get in shape for the 60 miles in 3 days.

Over the course of the training we will have already walked 430 miles when we start the 3-day.What we’re doing physically though is no comparison to what women dealing with breast cancer go through every day.”

Marianne and Christina have set goals to raise $2300 each and all the money raised will go directly to breast cancer research. If you would like to help them achieve this very worthwhile goal then visit and search for their names Marianne Cole and Mari Cole under donate to a participant to make a pledge.

As the walk gets closer the Citizen will be updating the training and fundraising progress of both these awesome people. Best of luck with your training and fundraising ladies !!!

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