November 26, 2020

Local roads impacted by Monday storms

(Franklin) — Several secondary roads in Heard County suffered significant weather damage early last week when a line of strong thunderstorms passed through the West Georgia area in the early evening hours on Monday, June 17.

A large portion of the county also experienced major power outages due to a fallen tree associated with the storms. This included a loss of service to about 65% of the Carroll EMC customers throughout the county.

“The outages on Monday night were caused by a tree falling on a major 115 kV transmission line. The transmission line was out for two hours and 38 minutes. This affected our Flatrock substation, which has a total of 2,359 meters.  Of that total,  2,292 are in Heard County and 67 are in Troup County,” said Carroll EMC Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Jerome Johnston.

Outages were reported in several different areas including Roosterville, Powers Crossroads, Corinth, Frolona, and Franklin. Many Georgia Power and Coweta-Fayette EMC customers also reported outages. Coweta-Fayette EMC coverage is limited mostly to areas in the eastern part of the county.

The heaviest road damage occurred on Lipham Road in western Heard County as one bridge incurred major flood damage forcing the road to be closed in two separate areas.

This bridge on Lipham Road suffered significant damage in Monday's storm.

This bridge on Lipham Road suffered significant damage in Monday’s storm.

According to Heard County Public Works Director Darold Wiggins, about 25 roads in the county required at least some sort of repair by his department, with the majority being dirt roads that were washed out by flood waters.

Wiggins stated that the damaged bridge on Lipham Road (between Straylott Road and Victory Road) still needs to undergo a more thorough inspection, but he is hopeful to have it repaired and re-opened within about two weeks barring any unforeseen structural damage.

Wiggins reported that all of the other smaller repairs were to be completed as of today.

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