July 28, 2021

Local Teen Claims Bull Riding Title

Lance Daniel, a 15-year old Bull Riding Champion

Lance Daniel, a Heard High School freshman, recently claimed the Georgia Youth Junior Bull Riding Championship which was held January 7 in Marshallville, Ga at the Rock-N-T Bulls Arena.

Lance’s championship run came down to the very last bull. He laid it all on the line for his last ride of the event. He went big and picked the rankest bull at the rodeo.

Daniel lived by his motto “go big or stay at home.”  He scored 80 points on a bull named “Alt” which was the top score of the entire season.

“I would  like to thank first God and then all my wonderful sponsors because without their support I would not even have had the opportunity to do this sport which I love so much.”-Lance Daniel

Lance also won the average for the finals (meaning he scored the most points in the finals.) He was the also the only one to cover both bulls and he has been a champion for Georgia for five consecutive years.

Lance has been riding bulls since he was 7-years-old. Most importantly the title also lands the 15-year-old into the Youth Bull Riders World Finals to be held this summer in Abilene, TX. To learn more about this exciting sport visit the Georgia Youth Bull and Barrels website. (Video Courtesy of Wendy Vaughn)

Georgia Youth Junior Bull Riding Champion from HeardCitizen.com on Vimeo.


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    any bull riding schools in ga?

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